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Rollercoaster On The Western Front Essay

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Similar to the actual war the book is based upon All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque consists of the many ups and downs faced by the main character Paul in both emotions and feelings. In the last four chapters especially, the protagonist Paul goes through several highs and lows before his death which is seen as a burden being lifted off of his shoulders and concludes the Book. All Quiet on the Western Front keeps readers on the edge of their seat with numerous conflicts, up and down moods, and a suspenseful theme.
Chapter 9 begins with Paul returning from leave back to the front lines initiating the plot snake of chapter 9. After Paul is reunited with his company he ...view middle of the document...

This paradise lasts for 8 days until a new assignment is given. The new assignment, evacuate a village. Upon arrival to the village the group sees all the citizens leaving and as soon as they clear Bombardment from the French begins and Paul and Albert are both injured by a shell. A positive however is that Paul was able to remain with Albert on the train by bribing a guard and accompany him to the catholic hospital by faking a sickness. After a short stay at the hospital Paul is released for a short leave home then brought back to the front. Although chapter 10 starts out on a high when Paul and his clan are given a “good” job the second half is largely a negative segment of the last third of the book as Paul and Albert are both injured and sent to a Catholic hospital. Albert’s injuries leaving him an amputee without one leg and Paul’s injury allowing him to reenter the war.
Paul returns to the front at the start of 11 and explains that the German army is getting weaker and weaker; he then goes on to reflect on how pointless the war is and how it’s making everyone lose their minds. Paul is able to find comfort along with the rest of the soldiers in their created camaraderie. They feel as though they are all on the same team despite all their different views and feelings. The Quality of the German Military diminishes in all aspects, the quality of the soldiers, the quality of food, and the quality of weapons. Paul also loses two of his closest friends, Muller and Kat. The silver lining is that an end is being rumored. Chapter 11 continues where 10 left off adding to the negatives. Paul’s friend Muller dies from a slow painful death form a bullet wound to the...

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