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To a college student, or even to a professor, putting a time frame for the Rolling Stones is a task which requires envisioning a world before every memory one has ever made. “Timeless” would be an appropriate adjective, but “the 1950s” serves just as well. The band did not start as its line-up consists of today. Hardly, if any, bands have ever started like that. The Rolling Stones started as a small teen band named, “Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys”, with Mick Jagger singing and Keith Richards playing guitar. The music they played was all covers; they played songs which came from the musicians which they enjoyed. At this time, there were not any new movements arising which were primarily British. In this post-World War II era, the biggest new genres emerging were jazz, country/western, and R&B (rhythm and bass). With these being primarily American genres, many adults in Britain did not want their children listening to this unfamiliar new music. However, the Rolling Stones were always a group attracted to the idea of rebellion. Such influential figures were Buddy Holly, Muddy Waters, and St.-Louis native Chuck Berry.
One thing the Rolling Stones were always known for, their stage act, started in 1962. As “Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys” became “The Rollin’ Stones”, Mick Jagger, the front man of the group, slowly gained confidence. Stephen Davis in his 40-year span of the Rolling Stones entitled, “Old gods almost dead. The 40-Year Odyssey of the Rolling Stones”, describes Mick’s act as: “tossing his hair, rolling his eyes, dipping his shoulders, suggestive hand gestures, tight little spins, acting out the risqué lyrics with is eyes and especially his lips” (Davis 24). Eventually the shows in packed 400-person clubs would end up in a sweat-soaked, dancing-on-the-table explosion of energy (Davis 42). At this time the band now consisted of Brian Jones (Lead guitarist and leader of the band), Mick Jagger (front man on stage and singer), Keith Richards (guitarist), and Charlie Watts (drummer). This would be the line-up for the next 7 years and would see the Stones’ rise to stardom.
A few things factored into this rise to this international fame. Aside from Volkswagen buses, hours of practice, and dropping out of school to spend more time focusing on music, another surprising factor the Rolling Stones were blessed with was luck. Luck presented itself in two main ways, the first of which was timing. Stephen Davis states that timing was considered perfect at that time because there was no real post- World War II movement that took place in Europe, as far as music was concerned (Davis 36). The only big British band at the time was the rising stars, The Beatles. Contrary to popular belief, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles were never explicit rivals. In fact, they were fans of each others’ music for a very long time. In 1963 the Beatles were very well known, and decided to visit one of the Rolling Stones’ shows. After the show the Beatles invited...

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