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Roman And Western Society: The Satrycon

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It is quite captivating to see the similarities in what behavior is considered appropriate and which is considered a "faux pas" in ancient Roman society and Western society today. In reading The Satrycon it has become quite clear that our society's ideology of what is considered polite behavior has in many ways remained intact. Trimalchio, the main character of The Satrycon and our ancient "Great Gatsby" posed a satiric and contradicting behavior to the norm of etiquette incased in the values of ancient Roman society which unfold in the story as his dinner guests leave quite repulsed. Trimalchio insults Roman etiquette and his dinner guests through his ill mannered behavior.
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(Petronius 30). These flashy displays were made all throughout the dinner, as the narrator notes that Trilmachio is wrapped in scarlet, and everything, even the slaves, were adorned with the color purple. Such garments were appropriate only for people of royal and equestrian status in ancient Roman society. Trimalchio, even with his grand fortune was still freedman in society, and would clearly never be of royal stature. In one of their vulgar displays of wealth, Fortunata, Trilmachio's wife went as far as to have scales brought it to weigh the amount of gold on her body for the guests' "entertainment" (Petronius, 58). This shows us that despite their wealth, Trilmachio and his wife Fortunata had a crude presence of "nouveau riche" people which they could not shake off. This tiring show off behavior is never appropriate as it makes guests uncomfortable to the point of repulse.
Trilmachio's satiric and mocking treatment towards his slaves particularly offended the narrator as it was not the correct way of treating slaves in ancient Roman society. Trilmachio centered his dinner and entertainment around the slaves. He would play cruel games with the slaves and almost a game of cat and mouse as he would ridicule them in front of the guests'. Trimalchio would treat them in a cruel manner when they made a specific mistake and played games with their minds making them think he would have them executed and then playing the hero as he decided not to and having them thank him. It seems he enjoyed having them beg for mercy and watching the fear of death in their eyes in a twisted way. Displays of this treatment were illustrated when Trilmachio cleaned his hands using a slave's hair (Petronius, 52), punishing a slave for dropping a plate by having his ears boxed (Petronius, 30), and threatening to have a slave cook executed for forgetting to gut a pig (Petronius, 44). At one point the narrator states that he is disgusted with how much the slaves are included in the dinner, complaining about the proximity of a dirty slave boy next to him which shows us that it was not common or considered sanitary and pleasant to have a slave so close nearby. One might argue that Trimalchio enjoyed this close proximity with the slaves because...

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