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Roman Architecture: How Did It Come To Existence?

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Roman Architecture. Although this doesn’t usually come to peoples minds very often Roman Architecture hides many things behind it. The Etruscans started living in Rome in 700 B.C. There they created art and many architectural buildings. At that time the Romans had no true art. They copied Etruscan art and yet did not want them living in Rome. As a result the Romans exterminated almost all the Etruscan from Rome. After wards the Romans were influenced by Greek art up until they derived their own artistic ways and view of art. From domes to cement to columns and mosaics. Romans derived methods from classical Greek and their own to create a world of various architectural figures and monuments ...view middle of the document...

"This shows us they were beginning to experiment with modifying their natural environments—cutting back the natural slope and creating a retaining wall, for example— about a quarter of a millennium earlier than we thought.""This is at least 300 years before the Colosseum, and it represents a crucial, formative step in the process that leads to it." Romans also built temples in recognition of important kings and emperors. This was done to show the power, braveness, and wealth of the kings along with the glorification and honoring of these vital figures. The pantheon in Rome was built and dedicated to pan theos or “all gods.” It was built in 125 A.D on the site of an old temple. The arch of Titus however, was built to celebrate the Roman rulers. “Emperor Domitian commissioned the Arch of Titus in A.D. 81 to commemorate the capture of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 by his brother Titus, the previous emperor.”. To build it, craftsmen built two gargantuan concrete piers that were more than 50 feet tall to support a single barrel vault. It is made of concrete with a marble facade. The Romans made sure to build these temples in a unique and symbolizing structure so that it can show its reality and its physical importance to the humankind.

At first, the Romans copied Greek Architecture. They literally made marble copies of statues, stone and pottery that the Greeks had made from bronze. The Romans finally found a material which they made that was stronger and lasted longer than marble: cement. The cement they made was from a combination of lime, volcanic sand, small rocks, and bits of pottery. Using this material qualified for strong buildings and better structure because the cement can withstand water and still harden. When Romans used to copy the work of the Greek, marble was a major element. Greeks used marble for most of their architectural buildings as well as the Romans. When the Romans discovered cement, they used it as a major part when building and if they used marble, they first built the structure from cement, then lined it with a marble veneer. This is the opposite of the technique that the Greeks used.

Although the Romans ended up with techniques that were non similar to the Greek way of architecture, they used Greek methods and their own to build new methods and techniques. Just like Greeks, Romans used columns for most of their buildings. The Greeks have three types of columns which they made. Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. The Doric design is the most oldest and simplest Greek column where the columns have a plain, square capital and a shaft with almost no base. The Ionic design is the second of the three orders of Greek architecture and in which columns have a capital decorated with curves and a shaft with a raised or decorated base. Finally the Corinthian is the newest of the three columns and in which columns have a capital decorated with acanthus leaves and a shaft with a raised or decorated base. The Romans did not exactly use the same...

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