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ABSTRACTRoman Catholic and Mormon are two very different types of religions, but at the same time they share some of the same customs and beliefs. The world today is filled with many different types of religions and cultures. Some people would argue that most religions are branches of one main religion. This paper looks at the history of both the Roman Catholic and Mormon religions then compares them to each other.ROMAN CATHOLICThe Roman Catholic Church is a Christian church headed by the pope, who is also the bishop of Rome. Its official title is the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. The name "Roman Catholics" is a phrase that serves to distinguish the church from other churches that are Catholic. Christianity is an early religion founded in Palestine by the followers of Jesus.Christianity is one of the world's major religions. It has been a powerful historical force and cultural influence throughout the world. Almost all the information about Jesus and early Christians comes from those who claimed to be his followers. Since the followers wrote to persuade believers rather than to satisfy historical curiosity, their writings often raise more questions than they answer.The Roman Catholic religion began around 25 A.D. The Apostle Peter is believed to be its founder. However, the religion is based on the writings of Peter. Peter's writings are the only exact interpretations of events that took place since Peter was Jesus' right hand man, and went with him everywhere. Peter does not mention once in his writings that he was the founder of Catholicism, because he wasn't.Jesus started Catholicism in his teenage years, he taught the apostles all about the religion, hoping someday that it would be the only one that existed on earth. Jesus slowly spread the word about the new religion, but he could only be at so many places at one time, so it took a while for it to get big.After Jesus' death and resurrection, the Apostles spread the word and before long Catholicism started to grow. The church office became more of a political place, than a place of worship. This same view carried on through a couple of centuries. In the 18th century, the church viewed things differently. The religion was fit to its surrounding, in other words the religion changed as the years went by. In the old days, priests were crowned like emperors, but John Paul I discontinued those proceedings. The Popes over the past couple of decades have changed a few things, to make sure the religion would work with the times, so Roman Catholicism is always changing.MORMONJoseph Smith, Jr. founded the Mormon religion in 1820. Joseph Smith was unsure of his religion at a young age, none of them seemed to work. One day Joseph retired to an open field on his father's farmland in England, to pray for divine guidance. Joseph saw Jesus Christ and God the father in his vision, they both told him not to let his family join any religion, for they were all wrong. As Joseph got older in age, he had a few...

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