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Roman Choose Your Own Adventure Essay

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You’re a gladiator in Rome in 72BCE. You fight with little to no protection with someone in the same place as you to the death for roman entertainment. “Gladiator games started off as a form of celebration at important funerals. It was believed that the killing of a gladiator would keep away the evil spirits and please the gods.” In the games animals were also brought in to fight.

“Dozens of humans and animals faced off against one another in the arena. They were part of an animal hunt called the venation.” You are rarely speared when fighting a murmillo. That same night Spartacus recruits you for his revolting army. Wanting to die in battle instead of for entertainment ...view middle of the document...

During the time you weren’t fighting some of the army decided that they want to go home. Some decided that they wanted to take over Rome.

If you get Spartacus to go home go to page 4
If you get Spartacus to stay and fight Rome go to page 5

Most of the army decides to go home. Spartacus goes with the majority of his army and goes home. Spartacus retunes to his family and you do the same. Your family is glad to see you. Nobody fighting in the army is hurt for revolting.

Spartacus does not go home with his army. Due to disagreements on whether or not the army should go home half the army has left. Spartacus now with a much smaller army will soon have to fight the romans. Whether or not Spartacus goes into an unprepared battle or wears down his enemies is unknown.

The army is led by crasses, the richest man in Rome. During the fight most of the army died. Spartacus also died in the fight. You happen to survive the battle. At the end of the battle the romans start taking rebelling slaves and putting them in a line to march.

If you run go to page 6
If you stay go to page 7
You run away with the others getting as far away as possible. Some people get caught and others give up....

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