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8D/Ms HeinrichBy Holly JamiesonFashion has been a big part of every culture and civilisation throughout the centuries and Ancient Rome was one of the foundations of it all. Many of our styles can be traced back to the simple but elegant fashion of Ancient Rome.Class DifferencesWhen looking at a man in Ancient Rome, his clothing immediately provided information about his status, rank and wealth. For example, only Roman citizens, by law, were permitted to wear a toga and the colours or size of the bands or stripes on tunics or togas provided an indication of an office or rank. Common people, herdsman and slaves wore tunics made out of dark, coarse material.Making ClothingMaterials that were used to make clothing were;Wool , which was the most commonSilk, which was imported but it was extremely rare and expensiveCotton, which was importedHides. Leather and skins were used for heavy coats, shoes and belts. Pig and sheepskin were the most common but when it was available, cowskin was used.Men's ClothingMen traditionally wore a toga and a tunic.Togas were a loose garment that was draped over the top of the tunic in folds. It was generally made of white wool. A stripe bordered the toga, coloured depending on the wearer's status. Togas, by law, could only be worn by Roman citizens. Tunics were a garment worn underneath a toga. They were made from a range of different materials. This article of clothing could be worn by men of all classes unlike the toga. Most Roman citizens wore sandals indoors and shoes or boots outdoors. These shoes were mostly made out of leather. Men sometimes wore a cloak called a paludamentum that was fastened at the shoulder with a beautiful brooch or clasp. They provided protection from the cold and rainy weather. Cloaks were expensive so only Roman generals and emperors could afford them. Other accessories included; head covering, hats, crowns and wreaths. Men would also wear many rings, such as betrothal rings and seal rings.Roman Soldiers ClothingThe clothing that soldiers wore depended on whether they were fighting in hot or cold weather and the era they lived in. The uniform was either red or white. This included;A LoinclothSocks, could be fully covering or without the heel or toeLeg bindings, strips of material wrapped around the soldiers legsTrousers made of wool for colder climatesMilitary tunicMilitary belts were used as holders for daggersLeather lappets, decorated spear shaped strips on the skirtCorselet armourA Helmet was usually made from ironArm Protector armourCloaks were worn by soldiers and their officersMilitary sandals or boots had iron hobnails on the sole of the shoe to help withstand tough...

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