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Roman Cuisine: A Bit On Its History And How It Is Today

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Facts on Romania* Main practiced religion in Romania is Eastern Orthodox* Main Languages are Romanian (Official), Hungarian, and German* Government Type is Republic* Capital is Bucharest* Proclaimed Independence from Turkey in May 1877* Population has gone down 11% (since 2004)* Currency: leu (ROL) or Lei (plural)* Natural Hazards: earthquakes (most common in southern region) and landslides* Romania is an agricultural country.* Wheat and corn is widely used in RomaniaRomania is a remotely small country that was conquered by the Roman Empire over 2000 years ago. At the time, Present Day Romania was then known as Dacia. From that time period on, Romania suffered many other invasions from other countries such as Turkey and Hungary. These invasions ultimately influenced Romania as a whole but also made the common consumption of food what it is today in Romania. The Romanian dialect itself is a culmination of native language with a mix of Latin (Romania was originally a Latin Country). In present day Romania, there are still areas where Hungarians and Germans (former invaders) call home. In 1887 Romania declared independence from the Turkish Empire. Before ultimately changing into a Communist country, Romania was a kingdom.Romanian cuisine before Communist Rule was rich in content and value. After Communism took over the value of life depreciated. Before communism took over, no one struggled to make ends meat. Food was easily made and prepared to make even the poorest people lived generously. Foods of all kinds were abundant and actually very cheap. The first two decades of communism were fairly ok living conditions in terms of food. After a while the abundance of food and the quality of dropped dramatically. The food was becoming more and scarcer while the quality of the foods had become worse and worse. People had to go to food lines just to survive and had to deal with portioned and unacceptable, unsatisfactory and inferior food. This of course made inhabitants of Romania depressed and frustrated. This was all due to the communist rule that was sending (selling) all of the best foods to western countries which left Romania's people with the scraps of produce. The people of Romania though pulled through and dealt with what they had. They created new recipes and new ways to adapt to their inferior foods that they were presently forced to deal...

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