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The Ancient Roman citizens in 50 BC had more rights than the American citizens in 1790. The Roman society in 50 BC was a republic which was controlled by the senate, but the patricians also played a major role in the government. However, the American government in 1790 was set up as a democracy, with a new constitution. The Roman society gave all of its citizen’s legal rights, including women. Not only did Rome give the Romans legal rights, there was also better social mobility and wealth distribution. While, in America there were many needless requirements in order for its citizens to take part in government. Both countries had slaves, but they used them for much different purposes.
The laws of Rome were put in place in order to protect all of the citizens. A portion of their laws protected the legal rights of the children. One of these laws was, “every person should support his own offspring, and anyone who thinks that he can abandon his child shall be subjected to the penalty prescribed by law”. While Rome had laws to protect all of the citizens, the American laws consisted of freedoms such as freedom of speech and right to bear arms. These laws do not protect the citizens; they merely give citizens the right to do such things as carrying a gun. Also in America, they claimed to prohibit cruel and unusual punishment. The American people believed that cruel and unusual punishment was unethical, and the United States of America would not support such a thing. However, the government would simply have another country do the punishing, so the United States appeared to have followed this law. However, the people did not know this, the government didn’t want the people to realize that it was actually breaking its own law. While America focused its laws on these problems, Rome decided to make laws which would improve its society.
In America there were also requirements for voting that made it impossible for women, slaves, and poor men who do not own any land, to vote. This means only the wealthy men could vote, which would result in making the government more equal for everyone. However, these rich men were only focused on making themselves better and richer, but not improving the...

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