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Roman Holiday Essay

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Careening through Rome on a Vespa, Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck are famous for their outstanding contributions to the classic film, Roman Holiday, but too often a third key player, the eternal city itself, whose role adds meaningful allegories and timeless appeal, is overlooked as merely a backdrop. The movie opens with a grand introduction to the life of young Princess Ann, who is traveling on a goodwill tour through Europe. Later, the film pans up from the crowded winding streets to a struggling low-end news writer, Joe Bradley gambling in a musty apartment. That night, the princess, overwhelmed by her tightly regimented and boring elitist life, escapes from the palace in Rome where she ...view middle of the document...

Setting their tale apart from innumerable others, the princess enters into the city with giant parades and receptions. On their holiday, the pair chaotically career through the city on a teetering Vespa, causing fights and wreaking havoc, highlighting their presence in the city. Later, on the dancing barges that night, a chaotic fight breaks out over the princess, pausing all other festivities. Reflective of his notion of the amazing scope of the news piece he plans to write about the princess, at multiple times throughout the day, the city appears to shut down for their affair.
However, although they both feel like their little love story is life changing, the dwarfing of their story in comparison to the sheer size of Rome makes it apparent that this day is merely a blissful blip in the eternal city’s history. Despite the feeling of intimacy created between the characters, the city’s sheer size also downplays their existence. When she left her protected palatial bubble, her journey through the city in various trucks and taxis exhibited the sheer size of the sprawling mass. Further demonstrating their overall insignificance, the people on the Spanish Steps continue to meander, unaware of their presence. Finally, as the credits roll, the film depicts him standing, dwarfed in a large and ornate reception hall as she returns to royalty, indicative of the resolution of the social classes, his return to normal life, and the finale of their brief saga. This dichotomy of a story larger than life yet simultaneously miniscule creates a metaphysical understanding of love throughout time, which has appealed to viewers for decades.
Beyond the sheer scope of the city boundaries, Rome also illuminates the interplay and continuity of old and new. While there were many options for backdrop of this remarkably simple plotline, setting the film in Rome afforded it a transcendence of time and a unique perspective of their story. The continuity and timeless splendor of Rome helps illustrate the overarching concept of love; couples throughout time have fallen in love, rebelled against social boundaries, and toured the ageless city, crafting a universally appealing story as timeless as the city itself. Roman Holiday effectively gives the age-old tale of royalty falling in love with a commoner a modern twist. This theme of utilizing the old in contemporary life is subtly reflected throughout the film. For example, children hang on the rocks in the centuries-old Trevi Fountain, and townspeople carouse on the barges near Hadrian’s Castel Sant’Agnelo. Like in ancient times, the Mouth of Truth, or Bocca della Verità, is visited for its mythical lie-detecting abilities, but modern-day graffiti reminds viewers the setting is modern. Further highlighting the old and the new, when Bradley makes a phone call on a modern telephone, the audience can see years of ancient statues behind him. The walls of Café G. Rocca’s, where Bradley and the princess get lunch, are speckled...

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