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Roman, Julie, And Friends Essay

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It was early in the day, when Julie met her friends at the bus stop. They were the first to be picked up, as always, they believed it was because they were girls. 5 very different girls, all-unique in their own ways.

Julie loved her friends. Briar was the oldest, played sports, and the leader. Paris is always happy and nice. Grace was quiet, shy, and Julie’s BFF. Rose was the smartest and the one who decided that the girls and boys must never be friends.

After a couple of stops the bus went on. No one paid attention but soon the bus came to the dreaded boys stop. 5 boys jumped ran and pushed until they were on the bus.

Ben was the leader he was strong, nice, and always playing ball. ...view middle of the document...

Julie says “Thank you, that was very nice”. They start walking down the hallway in silence together. As they enter the lunchroom. Julie’s friends and Roman’s friends look at the door as Julie and Roman enter.

Roman turns to Julie and says, “There is a table here. Do you want to eat lunch together?” As they sit down together, they start talking about their families. It turns out they have a lot in common. For instance they both have older brothers that play football at the local high schools. Roman jokes about how funny it is that they go to school together while their brother’s go to schools that are rivals.

Curtis walks up to Roman and Julie to see what they are doing at this table. At the same time Grace walks over to get Julie to come over to the girls table.

Just then, Curtis notices that Grace is wearing a beaded bracelet. He says “Hey, where did you get that bracelet?” pointing at her wrist. “My mother got it for me for my birthday”. Curtis says “My mom made it!” Then, the two quickly forget why they came over to the table, as they started talking about her bracelet and about his Mom’s jewelry company.

Troy, Tyler, Paris and Rose start walking toward the table to see what is going on. Rose looks at the boys and says, “What are you doing over here?” The began to say they are trying to figure out why the...

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