Love Affair And Maturity Of The Tramp And The Gamin In Charlie Chaplin’s’" Modern Times"

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Love is displayed in many shapes and forms. Love can exist without it being acknowledged and the simplest things can draw two people together. Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times displays an unusual love affair. The Gamin and the Tramp share a love like no another. They both share a common dream that brings them together. This dreams unites them in a relationship.
The Gamin and the Tramp idealize of the “American dream”. They witnessed happy a husband and wife and made a dream for themselves from this image. This dream includes a husband, a wife, a house and everything that comes with it except the responsibility. In a particular scene in the movie the Tramp fantasize about life with the Gamin. His fantasy includes a cow milking itself. This image shows that the Tramp expects to have no responsibility, things just happen by itself. In the fantasy the Tramp wipes his hands on the curtain and throws an apple anywhere with a carefree sense. This shows that the Tramp holds no values. He takes the house for granted. Idealistically when someone has a house they would do the opposite and value every aspect of it. These images from the Tramp display his lack of education. He cannot decipher from realistic and unrealistic.
The Gamin also displays a lack of education. One scene in the movie shows the Gamin creating a downgraded version of their ultimate dream home. The Gamin
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finds a shack and turns it into a mini home. Based upon what she thinks should be the Gamin unwisely creates her version of a husband and wife scenario. The Game makes a meal for herself and the Tramp from bread and meat she most likely stole. She cuts humongous slices of bread. The sandwiches she made were so huge it could not have even fit into their mouths. If the Gamin had any sense of education she would have preserved some for another time knowing that food is scarce. In this scenario the Gamin and the Tramp act as children. In comparison when children see for example a surplus of candy they feel the need to finish all at the designated time. Upon seeing the food in bulk they feel the need to finish it at the set time instead of thinking of tomorrow.
The ideas of the Gamin and the Tramp bring them together in a relationship. They both want to achieve that “dream”. Destiny happened to throw them together and they have no one else so they chose to live the dream as one. In terms of relationship the Gamin and the Tramp share an immature relation. Their bond is of a dream and realistic could not happen. They do not see father than what is in front of them. The Gamin and the Tramp think like children. They do not wonder where their next meal will come from. They live life in the moment and figure out what come next when they meet up with the situation.
There are various aspects of the Tramp and the Gamins relationship that lacks maturity. Their relation is based upon what they think should happen and could happen but there...

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