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Romance And Reality Essay

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The realty of romanceRomance and love are the most exhilarating of all human emotions and expressions but is all of it real, or just a chemical reaction.Are we all just living in a fantasy?Today I was going to talk to you about the fiction of romance and I still am but I was planning to too try and convince you that love and romance were nothing but a chemical reaction in the brain triggered by hormone release. Although I realised something else while working on this project. I found that after talking to people and seeing what they viewed as romance, it was all so subjective. I could not make up my own accurate definition for it and therefore can't tell you if what many call romance exists or even try to persuade you that it doesn't because I'm not even sure myself. What I wanted to talk to you today about was the trap that romance becomes when you fall too deep, and your reality becomes nothing but a story. My example of this is Gwendolyn and young Cecily.But before I do talk about those characters I want to explain to you now that none of the characters in the novel and play the importance of being Ernest truly lived in reality. They were all part of their own romantic fairy-tale, whether it be to deceive, for loyal purposes, lying for the woman they loved, or just being plain spiteful they all lived in stories of their own.We would naturally expect these dishonest characters to get what's coming to them in the end but as Wilde writes, it isn't that predictable. Instead, he makes this play interesting, smart, and funny all at the same time and ends the play in an unsettlingly nice way.Romance and reality, are like night and day, love and hate, black and white so I thought I would show you the definitions of them and then their conflict.CECILY:The problem that Cecily faces is that she refuses to accept her reality. Rather, she lives in a world of romantic fiction kept safe in her diary. I will explain more about the significance of her diary later on.So caught up in her story that she decides to write letters to herself from Ernest. It's actually quite sad as we all know that Algernon being the guy that he is would never do that for her, yet at the same time it is still hard to tell how serious Cecily is being when she says this.And its not only Oscar wild who realises the stupidity of his own creation cesily but also Oliver parker, the producer of the film made in 2002. He highlights her child like innocents with a little squeal as she runs off to the tree where her letters are and the way that she is dressed reveals this even more.Her naivety and romantic fantasy's ultimately lead her to marry a man like Algernon. Sure he is charming but he hardly lives up to the pedestal that she has created for him. Although the play does not continue to see them get married something tells me that if they did it wouldn't have lasted long.GWENDOLYN:Although she seems to be quite intelligent she is also in a world of her own. She sees males as "infinitely...

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