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Romance Is In The Air Essay

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The Romance Era consists of classic literature based on love, society, rank, gender, and its complicated structure. Jane Austen, notorious for her love stories in which most are based on class ranking and how it affects lovers shows this in her novel Pride and Prejudice. In this novel characters deal with situations in a way that fits the time frame. Her conclusions are not what most predict, overcoming the important standards of the time period making it one of a kind in a genre of many works. The mixture of aristocracy, rank, and gender makes Pride and Prejudice fit into the era.
Aristocracy helped to put people in their place by creating a wall to any outsider of a class. Since Darcy was Lady Catherine de Bourgh nephew he had good connections leading to his £10,000 a year earnings. His wealth and connections also made him the most eligible bachelor along with his friend Bingley who grew up in the same circle as him. Since they had a higher position than the poorer people they become more noticeable to people, especially to women. However, with their aristocracy they become prideful, they feel they can have anything or anyone they want. For example, since Mr. Darcy is an aristocrat, and Elizabeth is in the lower class, he feels like he can have her. He thought when he proposes to her she will immediately accept, in spite of him being richer than she, she still rejected him on the spot without thinking about it twice “I might, perhaps, wish to be informed why, with so little endeavor at civility, I am thus rejected” (Austen 352). Aristocracy separates their society, since the rich feel no one is worthy to be a part of their inner circle. For instance, when Miss. Bingley, Mr. Bingley’s sister, found out that her brother was interested in Jane, who comes from an average income family, she immediately thought that she is not worthy of his money and love. Aristocrats intend dress with more class since they have more money, and when they encounter someone who is not up to their standards, some would not care. However, there are still those people, who cannot be pleased with anything, they have a huge ego since they have more money. When Jane went to visit the Bingley mansion, she became ill so Elizabeth went through muddy fields so she can tend to her sister. However, when she arrived to the Bingley mansion, Miss. Bingley cruelly treated her because her dress was splattered, messy, and not fit for upscale and snobbish lifestyle. Some believe people in their inner circle should only court the ones who belong in a richer family. Miss. Bingley has been pursuing Mr. Darcy for a while, but when Elizabeth went to tend to her sister Jane at the Bingley mansion, all of Mr. Darcy’s attention was given to Elizabeth. Miss. Bingley immediately notices this, and her detestation heightened. Since she is more aristocratic than Elizabeth, she cannot allow Mr. Darcy to obtain feelings for a middle class woman. Aristocracy does not have to play a role...

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