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Romance Of The Southwest: A City Different Kind Of Chip By Doug Mattson

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The Romance of the Southwest
The Southwest is a region known for the unique cultures that it holds. Some may describe it as majestic place with such beautiful historic buildings and cultures. This is just one way to describe this region of world. Early tourism has had such a dramatic outcome for the region. It has become a romantic place for people to settle and to just visit for the weekend. The Southwest has a sense of excitement that comes from within the land, culture, and the people that live there.
The history that surrounds the Southwest is not only what you can read in books, there is cultural history that is passed down by mouth and through cultural wardrobes, jewelry, blankets, ...view middle of the document...

Some Pueblo people would get involved with the tourism and become dancers for ceremonies, but in reality they really worked on the railroad and construction (Martinez, 40). People traveled to the Southwest to explore something that intrigued them. Some did it so they could take home some part of the region, whether it was photography, postcards, or pots that they had purchased. Having been to this region of the country it gave them something to talk about with their family and friends and also a sense of adventure by being able to explore and understand another culture.
The United States has several regions filled with culture that makes this country unique and diverse. The Southwest itself has such diversity from the Native American culture, to the culture brought up from Mexico. People are interested with the way the Southwest is represented. Lays created a chip flavor called Santa Fe Ranch for their chip collection Tastes of America. Just looking at the bag and the image that is representing the Southwest is drawn from the Native American culture that is known to be in this region. In an article called A City Different Kind of Chip by Doug Mattson it states that the packaging for the chips shows the different types of spices like chilies and red peppers, as well as an Indian woman standing in front of a Pueblo wearing traditional jewelry. There was no photo shoot to find this image they had used computer software to implicit the image of the Southwest to the rest of the country. The 2004 Miss America winner Erika Dunlap focus was to celebrate cultural diversity and this Lays program was perfect for her to go out and speak about. She was able to visit all regions of the country and learn the culture that comes from each one. Each region has history that is not very well known outside of the region that people should know about.
Another area of the Southwest here in New Mexico was known as Blackdom. It was an exclusive black settlement that holds a tremendous amount of history for their people here in the Southwest. In 1901 African Americans settled in New Mexico. Frank Boyer and his wife Ella founded the town. In New...

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