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Romantic Comedy Essay

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“Just Go With It” is a typical romantic comedy directed by Dennis Dugan. The genre, romantic comedy, contains lighthearted plots carefully designed to amuse and provoke laughter among an audience. This version of comedy is accomplished by using jokes, one-liners, exaggerated situations, language, and relationships. The main purpose of a romantic comedy is to display the adventures of generally young lovers trying to overcome social challenges, concluding with a happy and expected ending. The codes and conventions used in romantic comedies are plot, main characters, lighting, music, and the repetitive themes of love and fate. Specifically in “Just Go With It,” the characters, plot, and use of ...view middle of the document...

By going along with the web of lies to be with Palmer, the characters observe and are introduced to different sides of each other and eventually Danny and Katherine fall in love and admit it, which is how the conflict is resolved. At the end, Danny and Katherine get married and Palmer meets a male her own age of the plane ride back home. All the characters resolve their conflict and are happy, which is what a true romantic comedy is known for.
A true romantic comedy also includes codes and conventions to ensure that the message of the film has been received by the audience unconsciously. Throughout the film, it is visible that the technical code, camera shots, is used in a certain way depending on the character. When observed closely, Palmer is usually displayed in a medium shot or long shot, while Katherine is observed at a close-up shot. Even at different shots, all the characters are usually angled straight. Palmer's long shots completely show her attractiveness and body language with other characters., revealing that Danny is more attracted to her physical appearance than her personality. On the other hand, Katherine's close-up shots show the close relationship and personal connection between her and Danny by displaying her wide range of emotions through out the film. At the beginning of the film, Katherine is usually seen smiling or bickering at Danny and by the end of the film, Katherine looks at Danny in a passionate, loving way, which is why close-up shots are important for her character. The use of camera in “Just Go With It” is important to ensure that the film provides the...

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