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Romantic Love, Displayed And Dipicted In The Movie "When Harry Met Sally." Also Has Discriptions Of Consummate Love.

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Akash ChopraSociology 125Daryl HughesAre Harry and Sally Really in Love?When Harry met Sally pheromones were flying through the air and they were forever damned to feel an attraction to one another, no matter what the situation or how much they chose to blind themselves toward what they felt for each other. This was the beginning of a romantic love and they progressed into this category further every time they met and with each meeting they were closer to the ultimate love that would end up consuming them. Harry meeting Sally symbolized a few steps that people go through in a relationship.There are seemingly three main factors that can be user to describe love which are: Intimacy, Passion, and Commitment. These three factors control whether a relationship is a simple liking, empty love, or the ultimate consummate love. What stage a relationship is in and where is it going can't really be figured out but one can try to label the step that they are in and try to assume where they will be heading.Intimacy is sometimes the first step in a relationship where the two people develop a bond of sorts, a respect it could be called where the two learn to hold each other in higher value and maybe truly care about each other's feelings. Intimacy is being able to truly start to value the person they are with or even being able to trust them enough with your problems.Passion is too often the first step in a relationship and that might be the reason why so many relationships fail in this day and age. Passion is the physical side of the relationship, which includes basically the romance and the sex. The hungry passionate nights of lovemaking or even the simple sex filled nights with different partners are based behind the idea that there is passion in a relationship.Commitment is what I believe is the most major factor in a relationship because without it then your relationship can never become anything more then a one night stand or a fling at best no matter whether passion or intimacy exist or...

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1039 words - 5 pages sort of social order, and it bring disorder and chaos when not followed. Thus Theseus is a ' worth duc' to 'drawen unto memorie.' As Giraldi puts it ' the function, then, of our poet... is to praise virtuous action and censure the vicious.' The knight's tale then focuses on Arcite and Palamon, who are both in love with Emily, and give the reader an idea of romantic love in the medieval literature. The setting of love is an important caracteristic

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1491 words - 6 pages , produced a film that can equally be enjoyed by the Shakespeare lover for its literary brilliance, or for the romantic viewer who wants to experience a passionate love story. This movie begins in the year 1593 when there are two playhouses in London (The Curtain Theatre and The Rose Theatre) that are competing with one another for playwrights and audiences. The Rose Theatre hires Shakespeare (played by Joseph Fiennes) to write the comedy, "Romeo and

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856 words - 3 pages pain.Romantic love is a candle, when lit it burns bright and continues to burn until there is nothing left. When a person is in Romantic love, there is passion, mystery, and integrity. Once the passion is gone, all the mysteries solved, and the desire to know more is gone, just like the candle, the Love or some would say the lust is gone. It is not a matter of if Romantic love will end, but more so when it will end. Everyone knows that the candle

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1541 words - 7 pages ). Consequently, the notion of “Love” has long been a topic of interest, leading to an explosion of literature on love (Sarsby 1983: 20). However, the concept of Romantic love (also known as passionate love) has been less researched (Lindholm 2006: 7). This is perplexing, considering how often Romantic love is portrayed in popular culture. As such, these influential imageries of romance inexorably overrun, influence and drive our everyday lives

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1473 words - 6 pages In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, love is exemplified more ways that we can imagine, from the undying love of two people to parental love. Love celebrated by the protagonists with playful sonnets to express their endearment and love for one another. Love that transcends from such powerful gazes and translates into an undying love. Society’s encroachment to a very innate and fundamental aspect of our being is met with violence and

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773 words - 3 pages love to resist each other; caught up in a forbidden romance, it's nowonder that the play turns to a tragedy. A cinematic masterpiece, Shakespeare in Love is truly a rarity. Deserving of allOscar nominations and winnings, this film is not only one I will remember, but also onethat has set that bar high for motion pictures to come. Loving the story of Romeo and Juliet aided my appreciation for this film. What really did it

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704 words - 3 pages to her life being so impacted in such short time. The mental form of love, or love at first sight, took to Romeo and Juliet which lead to them being physically loving as well. Second of all, romantic true love can take a physical form like between Romeo and Juliet kissing throughout the book. Romeo and Juliet show their first form of physical romantic love when they kiss and Romeo says "thus from my lips, by thine, my sin is purged" (1.5.118

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2380 words - 10 pages open air. She speaks out loud on how she feels for the man she met earlier that night."O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?"When Romeo hears the end of her thoughts, he speaks up and shocks Juliet as she did not realise that she was being watched! They talk for a while about how Romeo has fallen in love with her and how Juliet feels the same about him,"By love, that did first prompt me to enquire."At present, the feelings they hold for each

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