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Its time, we need a night to ourselves. With our everyday hectic lives its nice to have some quiet time by ourselves once in a while. Just to take our minds off of everything else and spend it on each other. I want to have a natural beautiful setting around us with piece and quiet. I know just where we can go, to the lake. It is important that I make sure that there is a spot for us and I need to make sure that it isn’t crowded. I don’t want to go out there and find out that it is packed. I also want to check the weather and make sure its not going to rain. First I need to make a list of things I need to bring. I am making a list so I don’t forget anything. I will need a ...view middle of the document...

The breath taking view of the lake, with the little ripples in the water. I can hear the sound of the small waves splashing against the large rocks. I feel the comforting cool wind that comes off of the water and onto my skin. This place is just the quiet vacant spot with no one around that I am looking for. I call to make sure that he will meet me here at eight o’clock. I need to hurry, it is now its seven fifteen and that only gives me forty-five minutes to get everything ready and into its place. So I grab my things from the car and head over to our romantic spot. I take out the red flannel blanket and put it down making sure that it is spread out evenly and in just the right spot. I take out the candles making sure I place them right in the middle of the blanket. Then I set down the plates and the silverware. I place the set of plates and silverware neatly across from each other. Then I take out the cake and white grape juice and place it next to each other on the blanket. I remember that I need to go and get the food. Returning from...

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750 words - 3 pages such as interest in the common man and childhood, strong senses, emotions, and feelings, and awe of nature. William Wordsworth is the best known Romantic poet of the Romanticism era. He wrote this poem in an urban society, because the view he discovered interested him even more than natural and rural society. The setting of the poem, as stated in the title, is an irony, because it does not describe as part of the Romanticism. Romantic poems are

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