Romanticism And Neoclassical Periods And Their Influence On Today´S Culture

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Today’s modern architecture is inspired by great 18th century architects. Architecture during this period expressed passion in sculpture and decorative art from the Neoclassical and Romanticism periods. Architecture a unifying or coherent form or structure as defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary describes the ideal construction of two great periods. (Merriam-Webster, n.d) Neoclassical and Romanticism artistic structures composed throughout this era were marvels and beauties during this century. These two fascinating periods of architecture can be found everywhere in the United States, they are inspiring today’s generation around the world. Even though each period had their own rules and traditions they were marvels of massive and great symmetrical designs.
During the Rococo period architecture was more asymmetrical, expressed with lighter colors and involved more playful themes. The Neoclassical architecture period during the mid-18th century and early 19th century emphasized the imagination and free will of the society. The Neoclassical period was considered the rebirth of the Classical period. Greek and Roman origins inspired a freedom of thought period known as the “Enlightment” period. Artist looked back at predecessors instead of creating new ideas, they wanted to conserve the past and its traditions. Neoclassical artist saw man as being imperfect humans and inspired by honor, justice and reason.
The earlier period of Romanticism between 1780 and 1830 originated in Europe. The Romantic period was a reaction to the Industrial Revolution, defined by different countries and different artistic views. (Industrial Revolution 2013). The Romantic period also known as the “Counter Enlightenment” period was about expression more so than control. Throughout the Romantic period major invents in society like for instance the Industrial Revolution was a way for society to escape reality, and become free individuals during a time that was so eventful and at times gloomy for society. Despite the name, “Romantic Period” it had little to do with love or romance. Instead, it was a time when the artists emotions, sense of adventure, and creativity blossomed and they were able to express themselves freely because of the events that inspired them.
These two periods were not a reflection of each other and instead were brought about to portray exact opposites of each other. While the Neoclassical period expressed attitudes of serious moral beliefs and devotion by allowing society to be reflected more than individuality. Respect for state and church, in this period also showed a sense of logic and reason to issues at hand. The Romanticism period on the other hand was more about freedom of expression, being an individual and living rebellious. They wanted to experiment with being original and unbounded by rules or traditions. Respect for nature, imagination and being original during this period was keen.
Between these two periods Gothic Revival was their...

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