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Romanticism. Fascination For Nature Essay

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The 19th century was the era of Romanticism. How do I describe Romanticism? I describe it as an era of drastic changes. Not good, nor bad changes. Just drastic changes. From the Enlightenment and the reason that at the end the reasoning failed. During Romanticism there was an appeal to the spontaneous, to the highly dramatic, to feelings. There was an osmosis with the emotional. The Romantics would end an era of frivolity and would look for total freedom. There was a communion with Nature. The artists ran away from the western industrial zones and they settled in the countryside. They found harmony in Nature. They were inspired by their surroundings. They were intimate with Nature. There was ...view middle of the document...

There is bright light on the horizon representing a sunset which is a very important part of Nature. The ship is covered by bloody red shades and tones. The selective use of yellows, golds, greens, reds, maroons, and crimsons on each part of the paint depending on what is happening. The base of the picture is white and that helps to give a more dramatic effect to the crests whitecaps of the ocean. On the right lower corner there are huge carnivorous (maybe they are piranhas) fish devouring the leg of a slave. I can tell it is a slave’s leg because the ankle has a manacle with chain. The colors used on that part of the picture are dark gray (dramatic) Similarly, the colors used on the center left side of the paint are emotionally dark. It is like I can see the continuation of the picture. Even though I cannot see it, I can imagine that as the ship keeps sailing, the weather turns more tumultuous and destructive. This was the beginning of the typhoon. I could see a darker sky coming and the visibility was almost nule. The ocean has numerous splatters of dark orange and maroon symbolizing all the slaves that were thrown overboard. I feel the slave ship is not as important as the power of nature. Unlike baroque paintings,...

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