Romanticism Is Still Alive: Romantic Though, Expression ,And Action

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An artist and intellectual movement that originated in Europe in the late 18th century that was characterized by a heightened interest in nature, emphasis on individual expression of emotion and imagination, departure from the attitudes and forms of classicism, and rebellion against established social rules and conventions is nothing less than what is defined and termed to be Romanticism. Unlike many of the “isms” during these times, Romanticism is the only movement that was not considered to be directly political. Instead, it was more generated towards the thoughts and ideas that reason alone cannot explain everything and that there must be something more that lies within the subconscious mind. During the period of Romanticism, three things that have been carried over into today’s society that has had great impact on beliefs and modern day philosophies were the ideas of individualism, emotion over reason and how it has became an ethical response towards empiricism, and how romantics revolted against societal conformity and the rising industrialism which made a person’s individuality insignificant.
To begin with, individualism is defined as the moral stance philosophical ideology and social outlook that emphasizes the moral worth of the individual. This can also be interpreted as a person who is promoting the aspirations of one’s goals and desires with independent value and self-reliance that advocates what that individual is doing for bettering themselves without any interference from society or institutions such as government interest and interference. During the Romantic period the government was constantly trying to control how people thought and acted just like the government does in today’s modern society. The Romantics that were involved with these interested encouraged all people to follow their heart instead of their head when having to conform to the social norms. This has most definitely taken place to the extreme within the United States, as well as with our culture and future generation that promotes people to do what they want at their own will without any consequence or penalty for doing so.
Furthermore, the Romantics enforced the ideas that emotional decisions and verdicts should be promoted well before any thought that is associated with actual reason. A good example of this philosophy would be the conflict between religions and science not only within the United States, but also throughout the world. For a modern illustration, the ideas that the Bible has evoked and embedded in...

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