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Rome And Juliet Themes: Love Essay

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The story of Romeo and Juliet, a Shakespearean tragic drama, is a huge part of our culture today. The story is deeply embedded in our cultural psyche. It is an allegory, a story of true love and sacrifice, that continues to resonate throughout modern time. Tre is a lot of social stigma attached to the story. Lots of people are inspired, interested, and influenced by the melodramatic romance story. People are also very critical of Romeo and Juliet’s decisions. Every person knows the story, and we all can compare our lives to theirs. The lives of the 15th century characters are so understandable because the characters feel and go through the same things we humans do today. This is because the themes present in Romeo and Juliet were just as pertinent then as they are now. A theme is a universal experience or lesson. Universal, meaning everyone understands and can relate to them. That is why people today can connect to characters in Shakespeare’s work. The characters in the 1500’s had the same feelings and experiences as the people of today. Love is one of these themes. Love is a significant theme in Romeo and Juliet, society, and my life.

Love is hard to define. Everyone has their own definition, or classification of what love is. When asked, most people would say that love is strong romantic feelings between two people, or perhaps they would say it is undefinable. Albert Einstein said “Where there is love, there is no imposition.” This would imply that love is not forced, but the innate, natural feelings that come up between people. Or you could turn to the dictionary to define love: “A feeling of strong or constant affection for a person : attraction that includes sexual desire : the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship : a person you love in a romantic way.” That covers all the angles and facets of love. All the subdivisions of love are present in Romeo and Juliet. At the beginning of the play, Romeo has “A feeling of strong or constant...

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