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What Life was Like When Rome Ruled the World

This book gave a very interesting perspective of what happened during 100 BC-AD 200. It told about everything that happened from fashion to the struggle for power.
     This book gave a person, who knew little about the Roman Empire, the opportunity to catch up, and a person, who knew quite a bit, more details. Although this book was just an overview of what happened, it sets up what would later happen over the course of history. While a good learning guide for beginners in Roman history, this book expected people to know some of events before its time period.
     What life was Like When Rome Ruled the World emphasized the importance of social class. It was highly discouraged for a rich man to marry a poor woman, and in some cases it was against the law. The chances of a poor boy or girl to grow up rich were astronomical, because of the economy at the time.
     During schooling, older boys were instructed in swordplay, horse riding, boxing, and fencing. The wealthier families would let their kids roam the streets and get into mischief during the night. Most Romans had rooms over shops or rented cramped apartments. The wealthier classmen had large houses in town and estates in the country.
     In 509 BC Rome established a republic under two annually elected counsels, beginning with Brutus and Lucius Tarquinius Collatinus. Rome had many rulers during its reign, but probably their most famous was Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar served as co-counsel with Mark Anthony. Traditionally, Rome’s two counsels had been elected by the citizenry to lead the republic for a term of one year, except in times of crisis, when one man was appointed to serve temporarily as dictator.
Caesar was trying to be assassinated by Cassius and Brutus. He had a dream on the very eve of the ides of March, that he raped his mother. This meant he was destined to conquer earth, “our universal mother”. On the night of March 14 he dreamed that he was “soaring above the clouds and...

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