Romeo And Julet. Why They Died

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What caused the death of Romeo and Juliet?During the medieval ages there were a plethora of horrible sicknesses, and horrible doctors who did not know how to diagnose anything that would be fatal. Among these sicknesses there was the black plague. The black plague was a very hard time in medieval times it killed thousands. Romeo and Juliet a couple during these times who loved each other more than words could express. These two would have lived happily ever after if not for the plague.Romeo and Juliet, Montague and Capulet two teenagers in love, two families that hate each other. These two kids so in love, wanted more than anything to be together but they knew that their families would never approve of it. The two after one day of knowing each other went and got married through the friar. While all this was happening a man named Paris also wanted to marry Juliet and would stop at nothing to do so, Paris was very rich that is why her father liked him so.Romeo got into some trouble right after the wedding when his friend Mercutio who was a bit of a funny guy, was murdered by a man named Tybalt. Romeo filled with rage came at Tybalt and in a battle to the death killed him then the prince of Verona banished Romeo from there kingdom to the outlands. After Romeo was banished Juliet's father finally let Paris marry his daughter. Juliet was so in love with Romeo and hated Paris so much that she would rather kill herself than be with Paris. So what Juliet did was go to the Friar for help.The Friar had developed a plan, that...

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1000 words - 4 pages husband-to-be, comes to mourn her death as well. Romeo and Paris start dueling and Romeo accidentally kills him. Paris' last request was to be laid next to Juliet as he died, so the horrified Romeo obliges. Romeo then takes the poison he bought from the apothecary to commit suicide. Juliet finally wakes, only to see Paris and her dear Romeo dead. She grabs a dagger and kills herself. Romeo and Juliet clearly committed suicide, not because they were in love, but rather, because they were desperate- to escape their troubled families and lives. Their actions definitively proved that they were not in love, but rather, they were trying to seek refuge in one another.

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734 words - 3 pages ] dies'(1091) by drinking poison (but not the short-acting kind).Perhaps the love shared between Romeo and Juliet was true and fated, but they were just children! One can remember the intensity that love brought while a teenager. The feelings of immortality and tragedy are so intense when love is a new experience to relish in. This was the case with Romeo and Juliet. They were young and inexperienced and died as a result of their hasty decisions. Had they been a bit more mature and reasonable, perhaps things would have been different for the pair.