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"Romeo And Juliet": A Eulogy For Juliet By The Priest

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We are here to celebrate the life of a beautiful young woman Juliet Capulet. She was born 13 short years ago into the house of Capulet. We are here to celebrate her life, cut short - given I hope in sacrifice to mend the hatred and violence between her house and that of the Montague's. May her death and that of her Romeos be not in vain?Juliet throughout her life was a good girl. She was trusting, dutiful, respectful of her father's rules. Juliet's life was filled with happiness and love. As I young child I barely knew her, but she would say weekly confession of which I am not allowed to speak - but she was never sinful. Her life was lived with love and joy until her final days. She was intelligent. Paris wanted her hand in marriage. Juliet told me she would not deny her father but when she met Romeo, she knew her heart had not loved until then.Juliet's love for Romeo was as pure as his love for her. It was love at first sight. She was his lady and his love. Romeo called her his angel, and his saints and sadly he was right. Their love was star-crossed from the beginning, but always pure. Juliet called Romeo "the god of my idolatry" - she truly loved him. She offered him her lover's vow before he requested it. Her love for him was as deep as the sea.It is because of Juliet's honest declaration of love for Romeo, and his love for her, that I agree to their marriage. She came to me past hope. She sought my counsel and looked to my experience. In desperation we devised a plan. Juliet was...

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