Romeo And Juliet Act 4 Questions Turnere Phenton Secondary School Assignment

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Abdullah Khalid Khalid 1
Mrs. Blackford
12 November 2017
Romeo and Juliet – Act IV Questions
1) Romeo and Paris are similar and different in multiple ways. They are similar in their love for Juliet. They both have strong feelings of love towards her. Another reason they are similar is due to the fact that they are both very quick to fall in love. It is displayed in Romeo when he switches from Rosolina to Juliet. It shows in Paris when he was in love the moment lord caplet had informed him of being married to Juliet. The main differences between the two is that Paris believes he owns Juliet and the love is one sided compared to Romeo who treats her as an equal and the love is coming from both.
2) Friar Lawrence ask Juliet to carry out a dangerous plan instead of just going to her parents and explaining that she was already married to Romeo because Friar is aware that her parents will not listen to her and continue to marry her with Paris. They display this attitude of not listening to juliet wishes when she asks not to be married to Paris and they completely denied her
3) my opinion of the Friar’s plan is that it is quite unsuccessful. The plan completely failed and instead of bringing the two together, it did the complete opposite and sent them to their afterlife. The only positive impact was that it stopped Juliet from committing suicide, but that only prolonged her death.
4) Juliet’s relationship with her Nurse changed since the beginning of the play in a very negative way. In the beginning of the play, Juliet and the nurse had a very close mother daughter relationship. Their relationship quickly changes when the nurse takes the side of marrying Paris in the heated argument of marrying Paris or not. The Nurse was the only person apart from Juliet in that argument who understood she was married to Romeo. Juliet curses once the Nurse leaves and that is when the relationship takes it's...

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