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Romeo And Juliet And West Side Stories Compare And Contrst Class Essay

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Evidence Island
Welcome to Evidence Island!
While you are on this island, your objectives are to
· Understand and explain how homologous structures are evidence of evolution
· Explain how embryonic development is used as evidence of evolution
· Explain how similarities in DNA are used to explain relationships between species
· Explain how similarities in DNA are used to explain relationships between species
· Key Terms: homologous, embryonic
At Home Tasks
Text p. 149-152. Q. 1b, 1c Q. 2c p. 153
Required Tasks for Evidence Island
Task 1: DNA Evidence: It’s Molecular Time
Task 2: Embryology Evidence: Similarities in Embryology
Task 3: Lab Activity: Homologous Structures
Required Tasks for Evidence Island
Task 1: DNA Evidence: It’s Molecular Time
· Read “It’s Molecular Time.”
· Cut out the DNA sequences. Glue or tape into your journal starting with living humans and ending with the most distant ancestor
· Assume the rate of mutation is one difference for every 100,000 years. What is the age of the oldest ancestor?
Task 2: Embryology Evidence: Similarities in Embryology
a. With a partner, discuss the embryos on p. 149 of your text. What similarities and differences do you see
b. Discuss the embryos shown in the figure below. How are they evidence of evolution? Record your reflection in your journal
Task 3: Lab Activity: Homologous Structures...

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1102 words - 5 pages period represents. One good example is the weapons used in the stories. Romeo and Juliet used swords and daggers common for duels and usually what knights used, which was more to the time period. West Side Story used guns and knifes due to the advances in technology which had improved throughout the years. In the same way the clothing worn also had to be changed in order to accommodate the time period. In Romeo and Juliet the men wore tights and

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2973 words - 12 pages his result. Than, with the help of Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sonheim and Jerome Robbbins, it thrived into a famous Broadway musical.In this paper I will go into detail about the differences and similarities of the two stories. Before I start, I will state this difference: West Side Story, being a musical and Romeo and Juliet, being a play, changes the extent of dialogue that can be had, because a musical needs to be altered for songs to fit

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1079 words - 4 pages was the one in which viewer saw the Jets gang for the first time and the Capilates youth were wandering the streets of Verona and the shot used in both these short sequence is a medium shot. Finally I conclude this evaluation of West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet by mentioning that both these films do have their similarities like the story plot, camera shots and all the other technical aspects I have mentioned in this essay. However each of their films do have their differences and that is what made them successful and famous.

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1653 words - 7 pages Works Cited Missing Three Hundred Fifty Years of Blind Love: A Contraposition of Shakespeare and Robbins’ Romeo and Juliet Andy Warhol once said, "They say that time changes things, but actually you have to change them yourself." Two hundred fifty years passed between the original Romeo and Juliet and the premiere of West Side Story on Broadway in 1957. However, time did not change the message of the story, simply the creators’ unique

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683 words - 3 pages Mercutio when he was on the ground. This caused Romeo to get furious and kills Tybalt. At the end, Tybalt and Mercutio dies. If Bernardo and Tybalt made the right choice, to back off when a weapon was taken out and listened to Tony or Romeo, then they won’t have died. The two stories, Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story have much in common in their storyline. But the characters have some differences, as well as similarities. Bernardo, from West Side Story , and Tybalt, from Romeo and Juliet, had similarities on how they handle situations but were different in their origins and characteristics.

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3896 words - 16 pages Story stood tall alongside Romeo and Juliet, in its own silhouette. Because the popular works were so similar, but yet so different, it is only appropriate to examine the two works and compare them amongst each other respectively. West Side Story has many similarities to Romeo and Juliet. It was a mere shadow of the classic story about rivalry, deceit, and love. The stories parallel one another, but there are a few differences. The theme

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995 words - 4 pages      Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story both have a lot in common as well as major differences that set them apart. Although West Side Story is a direct rendition of Shakespeare's original play, many of the themes and symbols are altered to fit the modern perspective. The characters have a direct correlation to each other, yet racial issues give them a new light. Many of the events also reflect each

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722 words - 3 pages Romeo & Juliet vs. West Side Story Shakespeare's is one of the most read writers ever and his writing was so successful that not just one group of people liked it. He did this by relating to his audience using universal truths. . Human emotions are not something that change over time and they are also known as universal truths; love, hate, revenge, and envy are all examples of universal truths. This play was so successful that many other

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1952 words - 8 pages their circumstances of arranged marriage. In fact, for almost every character in Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story has a counterpart:•Nurse – Anita•Tybalt – Bernardo•Friar Lawrence – Doc•Paris – Chino•Mercutio – RiffThe obvious main story change comes from the era in which it was adapted into: the gang era of the 1950’s. This has come under much scrutiny and criticism for it’s portrayal

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1839 words - 7 pages Romeo & Juliet vs. West Side Story      What would Romeo and Juliet be like if Juliet hadn't died? What if Paris killed Romeo, instead of vice versa? What if instead of occurring several centuries ago, it took place on the streets of New York City during the 1950s, with a bunch of fresh-faced youths posing as street toughs and dancing and singing their hearts out? Well, just take a look at West Side Story, and

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775 words - 3 pages "West Side Story" is a modernized musical based on Shakespeare's play, "The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet", which takes place in Elizabethan times. Both of these stories have many similarities, but there are a lot of major differences as well. Both of these stories are about forbidden love shared between two characters of opposite sides. The tragic endings of these stories cause the two opposing sides to finally get along."The Tragedy of Romeo and

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1141 words - 5 pages , Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare tells the tale of young love and fatal misfortune. With the same message the musical from the 50’s, West Side Story directed by Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise carries out a similar story of young love and tragedy. Although some are touched by these love stories, others argue it tells a tale of young fools. Although the theme of tragedy is seen in both stories as the time goes on from when they stories

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876 words - 4 pages Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story, two timeless dramasthat will live forever. Although both of these stories havemany similarities, there are also many differences. Thesedifferences include the differences in sililoquy, the fact thatMaria doesn't die, the fact that we never see Tony or Maria'sparents, as well as the issues of marriage, the importance ofgangs and families to each story. To understand thesedifferences, I have read and/or watched

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755 words - 4 pages FIrst and foremost, there is a difference between the musical West SIde Story directed by Jerome Robbins and the play Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare seen in the first scene of each. In Shakespeare’s tragic play, two houses are feuding. The two royal houses are the Capulets and the Montagues. Juliet is a Capulet and Romeo is a Montague. And then in West Side Story, there are two gangs in New York that each lover’s family is a part of. Maria’s