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Romeo And Juliet Assessment: Death And Conflict

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Death and Conflict is a complicated theme throughout both Franco Zeffirelli and Baz Luhrmann's drama. However, Act 5 scene 3 in both variations has become a debatable topic about the way Juliet reacts to when Romeo drinks the poison. And especially in Franco Zeffirelli when juliet commits suicide.

Zeffirelli sets his play in the Renaissance Italy (14th century). However, Luhrmann's is set in modern Verona Beach. And because they were set in these locations , the costumes changes. In Luhrmann's the costumes are well distinct the Montagues wore bright Hawaiian shirts that could represent their personalities as being confident, bright, and well suited with the Verona lifestyle whilst the Capulets wore tight leather clothing with metal heels, in the first scene a close up shot is zoomed in at the base of the shoe to show perhaps how wealthy they are, their costume colour is dark suggesting their personalities are dull and frightening . However in Zeffirelli, the costumes are similar in style but not in colour again the Capulets were eye-catching, yellow and red clothing and the Montagues wear dark green clothes. However, Juliets costume she wore to the ball is one to consider as it was embroidered with silk gemstones and pearls on a red velvet gown whilst Baz Luhrmann's ball scene Juliet wore a simple but effective angel costume foreshadowing to further events .The Baz Luhrmann's costume is better as the costumes makes it easier to know who's who although Zeffirelli's play has a historical attire to refer to the shakespearean/Elizabethan era.

In both the music is used fairly well but especially in the Baz Luhrmann's film at the beginning of the scene their television screen, is an indication that this film is a modern interpretation.A news reporter reads out the sonnet to summarise the film emphasising on word such as; ‘continuous of their parents rage’ . Then it is repeated with a mid-deep male voice and intense music is used to build up tension and to foreshadow as during this many...

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