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Romeo And Juliet, Does Love Overpower Hate English Essay

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Name Teacher & Text ClassMr Wiggins – The Castle
YEAR 2017
Write a film review of a contemporary Australian film.
Throughout this section of the unit, Inventing Australia, you will look at the representations of Australians in film.
You are to write a film review, suitable for publication in a major metropolitan newspaper, of the Australian film your class has studied.
Your review should comment on the entertainment value of the film and whether or not it is a true representation of Australia and Australians.
Within the review you need to include a discussion of: plot, characterisation and acting, relevance of theme and filmic techniques.
Choose relevant CCE’s from Blooms taxonomy
MODE: Written
MEDIUM: Published
TASK LENGTH: Word limit or time length: 400 to 500 words
PRIOR NOTICE GIVEN: Around 3 weeks’ notice of the task
FEEDBACK: Written draft
Approx. Time
Teacher Initials
Step 1
View Film
Step 2
Brainstorm and Plan
Step 3
Step 4
Implement Feedback
Step 5
Final Copy
Students will be able to
· Use persuasive language in the role of a review.
· Understand that reviewers innovate with structure and language for specific purposes and effects.
· Understand how punctuation is used, along with layout and font variation in constructing reviews for certain audiences and purposes.
· Analyse and explain the use of symbol, icon and myth in an Australian feature film and how these influence representation of Australians in film.
I acknowledge help from:
I have referenced material from:
· My parents/boarding supervisor
· Print resources
· An EALD/ CLE teacher
· Electronic/technological resources
· A tutor
· Human resources
Unless acknowledged above I declare this work is my own.
Marist College Ashgrove
In accordance with College and the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) directives, all students at Marist College Ashgrove are bound by the Assessment and Drafting policy in relation to the completion and submission of assessment instruments. The following is an abridged version of the original policy which can be accessed through the College portal.
1. All written, spoken, practical or multi-modal assessment items will be given a due date. Students are obliged to submit their final work to the teacher prior to 3.15pm, or as stated on the task sheet on the due date.
2. During the staging of any assessment item whose conditions are unsupervised, it is the...

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