Romeo And Juliet: Fate Or Bad Choices?

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Once in a while many people make bad decisions. Usually these decisions don’t cause them any harm in their futures, unlike Romeo Montague’s and Juliet Capulet’s decisions. In Verona, a city in Italy, two lovers fall in love. The catch is their families despise each other. Eventually Romeo get’s banished from Verona, and Juliet is forced to marry someone she doesn’t want to marry. Juliet takes a potion that knocks her out for 42 hours, and feigns her death, hoping she does not have to marry Count Paris. Romeo assumes Juliet is dead, and drinks a potion that kills him, and when Juliet wakes up and realizes that Romeo is dead, she stabs herself. In William Shakespeare’s tragic play, Romeo and Juliet, the main protagonists, Romeo and Juliet, make poor choices which eventually lead to their death at the end of the story.
The first poor choice Romeo and Juliet made is falling in love and agreeing to getting married by Friar Laurence. At the beginning of the play, Romeo is sad that Rosaline, the girl he loves doesn’t love him back. Romeo attends the Capulet’s ball to see her. While he is there, he sees Juliet, and falls in love with her the instant he sees her, not knowing that she is a Capulet. This is a poor choice because, he fell in love without taking into account that she is the daughter of his family’s enemy or any other trait, other than how beautiful she is. He wonders if “my [his] heart love till now? Forswear, it sight, I ne’er saw true beauty till tonight”(I.v.59-60). Romeo exclaims his love for Juliet when he first sees her. He does not know who she is, or anything about her. He fell in love with her based on beauty. If he had not become infatuated so quickly, he could have learned she is a Capulet, later thinks about his decision. This could have led to less trouble along the road, if he didn’t fall in love with Juliet, he wouldn’t have to die with her, he wouldn’t have known and frankly, might not have cared. He does, however, later learn that she is a Capulet. They get married the day after the Capulet ball. Romeo sneaks out to the Capulet’s garden to see Juliet. There, they have a conversation declaring their love for each other. At the end the Nurse is calling Juliet, and Juliet decides that she want to get married as soon as possible. Doing this is a poor choice because she doesn’t know Romeo, all he did was charm her and that’s what Juliet thinks she is in love with. She doesn’t think of all of the consequences, and decides on the spot: “If that thy bent of love be honorable, Thy purpose marriage, send me word tomorrow, By the one that I’ll procure to come to thee…” (II.ii.150-152). They are getting married, blinded by their infatuation for each other, they don’t think about what can happen if the rest of their families find out. This is a poor choice because they really haven’t thought it through, and it is not be the brightest idea, seeing as they are coming from feuding families. These choices lead them to do anything for each...

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