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Romeo And Juliet, Feud Assignment Feud Between Families

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Two households, both alike in dignity, /In fair Verona, where we lay our scene, /From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, /Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean (Prologue, 1-4). recalls Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. As in this example, dignity doesn’t affect or end the feud between two families. In the article named “Families of blood feud victims cry out” which published in Turkish Daily News in April 9, 2008, there are two families which has a blood feud going around. Ikilik family protected another family which was the enemy of the other family which Ikilik’s had controversy between. In my further research, I also found that Ikilik family kidnaped a girl from the other family. After this event Ikilik family moved to Mersin from Diyarbakır but this bloody feud chased them. Men from the other family killed five members of the Ikilik family. Additionally, this article has some thought from the other family members so it is very effective. As the family stated, blood feuds don’t get over with one death and most suffering ones from these vendettas are teenagers in the families. In my response, I will include the significance and the evaluation of the article as well as the connection with the themes of Romeo and Juliet.
This article doesn’t tackle a issue which is new but it has breakthrough information which make people think and revise this topic. This event between families happened in 2008, actually it’s not old because blood feuds can continue for decades with the new generations from the families. "People think their and their next generation's honor and power will be eroded in society if they do not continue the blood feud and this incident is an example of it,"(“Families of blood feud victims cry out”, 1) said Nilufer Narli, a sociologist at Bahcesehir University as the article stated. As highlighted information in the article, in blood feud cases, teens under 18 must accept the punishment and admit their crime to the police. Also, Hulya Gulbahar, a lawyer, said, “People will continue to implement their own laws, unless the state punishes those who are indeed guilty, and encourage kids to commit murder in the name of honor and blood feuds.” (“Families of blood feud victims cry out”, 2) Maybe not in the cities we live but in some cities, in this world, there are lots of family feuds going on and these don’t only harm those families. These dissensions harm the other civil hands and the society, which those families live. In some small villages these family feuds cause quarrels and fighting between families...

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