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Romeo And Juliet Journal Essay

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Romeo and Juliet Journal

Act I:

     Hi. I am Roberto Montague, Romeo's cousin. This is the first of five
entries to this journal.
Many things happened today. Some of these things are that Sampson and
Gregory were talking, and then Abram and Balthasar entered the room. After
Abram started to quarrel, they started to sword fight, but then Benvolio came in
and broke up the fight. After Benvolio broke up the fight, Tybalt entered and
started to fight with Benvolio. Soon later, an Officer entered the room with
three or four citizens all armed with clubs, bills, and partisans, or spears.
Lord Capulet and Montague with their Ladies entered the room and started to
quarrel aswell, but the Prince set them straight.
     Everyone, but the Montague's and Benvolio left the room, after the
Prince said what he had to say. Montague started to ask what happened, and who
started it, Benvolio replied that the servents of his adversary did. After they
had a bit of a discussion, Romeo entered. Lord and Lady Montague left the room
to leave Romeo and Benvolio to talk. They soon talked about love, and where
they would dine. They talked some more about love then soon left the room and
the day was over.

Act II:

     This is the second of five entries to this journal.
     At the beginning of this day, Romeo and Benvolio began to speak to each
other, and then Romeo retires while Mercutio and Benvolio spoke about Romeo's
love with Juliet. A bit more into the day, Romeo went to the Capulet house to
visit the fare Juliet. They met outside of Juliet's room on the balcony and
they start to talk each other. Soon later, the nurse starts to call from within
the house for Juliet, she started to leave many times but Romeo kept
interrupting. Juliet exited and entered the balcony two or three times, but
they gave each other farewells and Juliet went into the house, and Romeo walked
     Friar Laurence, a Franciscan priest, was admiring the day, when Romeo
entered his cell. They begin to speak of Roseline and Romeo's new love, Juliet.
He soon dashes off as soon as he got what he wanted. A little later, Mercutio
and Benvolio were asking each other where Romeo had gone. Coincidently, Romeo
entered minutes later. They began to talk about Romeo's going to the Capulet
house, and what he went there for. A minute later, the nurse and her man Peter
came about. Mercutio begins to sing a song, and then he and Benvolio soon
exuent. Romeo soon rushes off, and then the Nurse pushed Peter to see if she
still has authority over him.
     Juliet starts to think why the Nurse hasn't showed up after she sent her
to meet Romeo. It had been three long hours before she returned with Peter, but
she soon sent Peter back to the gate. The Nurse's bones are so weary from her
long journey, and she was out of breath, but Juliet needed to know what she and...

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