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Romeo And Juliet: Love And Hate

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Romeo & Juliet is one of Shakespeare’s most recognised tragic plays. As we all know, the two main characters Romeo and Juliet perish at the end, but what makes this play so dramatic? To explore the dramatic devices of this timeless classic, one must focus on the heart of this play which is undoubtedly Act 3 Scene 1 and In this essay I will explain why Act 3 Scene 1 is a very important scene in Romeo & Juliet; showing how it starts with bawdy comedy and then it sinks into tragedy after Mercutio`s death. This is seen through the language which becomes darker after this scene and also the weather gets worse as the situation worsens, which is also known as pathetic fallacy. This scene also changes certain characters’ Characteristics, e.g. Romeo becomes more violent and vengeful after this scene.
The whole story its self is a dramatic irony; we the reader already know what will happen but when we read the play we have a superior idea in what is about to happen. For example in Act 3 scene 1, Romeo tries to tell Tybalt how much he care for him but Tybalt can't understand not knowing that Romeo and Tybalt's cousin Juliet have just got married and In the same scene Romeo gets in trouble for both Tybalt's death and Mercutio's death when Tybalt took Mercutio's life but us as a reader know the story from all perspective making us feel empowered.
Act 3 Scene 1 starts of with a sense of unceasing tension, which gradually builds up throughout the scene. One of the other techniques that Shakespeare used is pathetic fallacy to portray the events of the upcoming fight. Benvolio says, “For now, these hot days, is the mad blood stirring”. The particular repetition off the word “hot “combined with the use of personification, creates tension immediately as the audience wonder whether there will be a brawl. In addition, the use of very expressive language “mad blood” gives the audience a strong visual image of violence which foreshadows the upcoming events which is a typical dramatic device found in Shakespeare’s plays.
The Play Romeo & Juliet is pivoted around the scene of Mercutio’s death; after this scene the whole play changes from comedy and romance to hate, vengeance, despair and death. The lives and actions of characters change from the normal, such as Romeo, fickle minded love bird turned to vengeful, violent and confused. Romeo’s revenge on Tybalt shows that the tragedy will follow and it clicks of the readers mind about what Prince said at the beginning of the play. “Your lives shall pay the forfeit of peace.” But as we already know Mercutio was the kinsman to the prince and so the only thing he can do to Romeo is banish him from Verona.
Everything changes as soon as the Capulet’s enter the scene. “Gentlemen, good den: a word with one of you”. The audience know that the main antagonist Tybalt is looking for Romeo. The audience at this point are at a standstill, fearing for Romeo’s life, but he is nowhere to be seen, and the dramatic tension is eased off....

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