Romeo And Juliet Of Sheakpear Is Not A Love Story, It Is Just Infatuation Of Young People

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What is true love? Each people have each own view on love so we will have different answer for this question. For me, true love is feeling deep inside my heart that we need together and can not live without other, basing mutual understanding and sympathetic between 2 people…. Therefore, in my view on love, Romeo and Juliet of Shakespeare is not a love story, there is no love in it, and it's just a story about infatuation of young people.

R & J's Love is not some thing deep inside but basing on appearance and that is not true love. In the Juliet's family party, that is the first time they meet. Romeo approaches Juliet and he thinks that he loves her just because of her physical beauty.

"The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars…

O, that I was a glove upon that hand, that I might touch that cheek"

Juliet is similar to Romeo, she is also attracted by Romeo appearance, and she believes what Romeo says. Then she falls in love with him either and she agrees to marry him easily. In fact, they are just attracted by other's physical appearance. In addition, they meet each other 3 times during the story (the first time at the party the second at Juliet's balcony and at their wedding), each time when they meet; they rust into each other crazily. It seems that they lust each other, not love at all. What they need is sex, therefore after a short time knowing each other they decide to marry and have sex. They are too hasty, they can't wait as other normal couple who need time to understand each other or inform family and wait for agreement.

Romeo and Juliet is just infatuation of youth. Romeo and Juliet are attracted by each other physical appearance so strongly so they think about each other too much, want to be with other, need other…. and mistake that is love. Youth is always eager; devote all of their life for their goal, their love. Therefore they do every think as they think they should do because of love such as risk their life to come together, they marry after 2 times meet….the peak of that is Romeo and Juliet kill themselves because they think other die, it is...

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