Romeo And Juliet Suffer Because They Fail To Control Their Emotions English Essay

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Romeo and Juliet essay
Topic: Which of the following is the main cause of the tragic conclusion of Romeo and Juliet: uncontrolled passion, poor advice from the older generation or fate?
In the play, Romeo and Juliet written by Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet are tragically killed due to the impulsive, uncontrolled passion that blinds their ability to make decisions. The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is due to a series of factors throughout the play, but, in the end comes down to one main factor, uncontrolled passion. In this play ill’fate plays a large role, the fact the families are warring, the decision to go to a party and the thwarting of Friar Lawrence’s plan to fake Juliet’s death due to the plague are all due to bad fate. Poor advice from the Nurse and Friar Lawrence also played a large part such as Friars advice for them to get married. However, In the end, it is Romeo and Juliet being blinded by their passion that is responsible for their own deaths. impulsive decisions such as the decision to fight Tybalt, get married so quickly, go to the party and to assume Juliet’s death. In Romeo and Juliet, a series of factors all contribute to their dismissal, the most important being their impulsive passion.

In the play, Romeo and Juliet’s relation is star-crossed which inevitably helps contribute to their tragic conclusion. In Romeo and Juliet, their relationship never should have happened due to a series of factors that eventually lead to their deaths and a disruption of Verona’s peace. In this play, Romeo and Juliet are born into an, “ancient grudge,” between their families. This feud takes lives and makes the families have an instant hatred towards each other. This grudge is an example of just how star-crossed these two are. This grudge proves an issue for their marriage, leads to Romeo’s banishment and more. Another piece of fate that played a part in Romeo’s decease is the servant’s question, “can you read any thing you see?” This moment seems harmless, but without this interaction, Romeo and Juliet would never have met or it would have been under better conditions. This is an example of how unstable Romeo and Juliet fate is and how all it takes is for them to be thrown into turmoil is a simple interaction with a servant. Considering it would be difficult to for these two enemy’s/lovers to never meet the story goes on. Their bad fate also continues as Friar Lawrence decides to, “send a friar,” to Mantua to deliver an extremely crucial message. However, Friar was unable to send this letter due to the people of Verona being, “so fearful were [the citizens] they of infection,” so locking him inside a house. Friar John being sealed inside that house led to Balthasar giving the wrong news to Romeo and eventually led to Romeo’s and then Juliet’s deaths. This is another example of how large of a part fate plays in this play and just how delicate their whole situation is. Nevertheless, we all occasionally have bad luck and while their bad luck...

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