Romeo And Juliet The Film Essay

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Romeo and Juliet the Film

Baz Luhrmann’s innovative version of Romeo and Juliet has an important
part in changing peoples portrayal of what Shakespeare is originally
about. A modern stereotype of Shakespeare has made many readers think
that Shakespeare is boring as it was written 400 years ago.

The party mood is established in the opening shots of the scene by
different focuses on colour, music and camera angles. At the beginning
of the scene, people are firing guns. A number of establishing shots
are used at the beginning of the scene to show the audience the
setting of the scene. The diagetic sound of the gunshots and fireworks
are muffled by the non-diagetic sound of raucous music. By using this
concoction of sound and camera angles it introduces the audience to
the corrupt household of the Capulets. In the play guns represent
death therefore foreboding what is going to happen later on in the
play. The audience know what to expect by the wild mood at the
beginning of the party. As the scene progresses the audience is
introduced to the Capulet mansion. Quick series of ‘cuts’ make the
party pacey. The scenes meant to be like this as the events of the
party are mirrored by Romeos mood. The party scene is guaranteed to
have an impact on the viewer. The music that commences at the
beginning of the party scene is upbeat, fast paced, Latino music
(Young hearts run free) this establishes the mood as the pace of music
matches with the movements and atmosphere in the party. This gives the
audience the impression that they are a part of the party. The
establishing shot is a long shot, which shows all the party guests and
their decadence e.g. the colours they wear, and the rich golden
colours in the background. The establishing shot shows Romeos
atmosphere and feelings showing the audience that he is aware of
everything. The use of dim lighting on the characters makes the look
ugly, as the audience does not notice all their features; dim light
sets the mood of wildness, the veiling of characters behaviour and the
dramaticness of the scene. The party guests characters are veiled as
they meant to be upper class society but they are acting as if they
are not. The use of dim light in the scene where Romeo and Juliet
share their first kiss there is bright light. The director has used
this technique to show the audience that Romeo and Juliet meant to be
together and make the audience notice all of their actions and aware
of what there characters are like. Bright light is associated with
angels which link in with Juliet’s costume at the party. During the
party scene the diagetic and non – diagetic music gradually turns into
a crescendo and the sane party mood turns into a wild orgy. To depict
this madness and insane orgy like party Mercutio is dressed as a drag
queen and is singing Young...

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