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Romeo And Juliet Was A Classic Love Story Recreated By

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Romeo and Juliet was a classic love story recreated by many directors around the world. Which is better, which is more intriguing? The version made by director Baz Luhrmann seems to be the answer to those questions. He took the classic Shakespearian play and turned it into a stunning, sexy and radiant movie. Luhrmann used music, colorfulness, and uniqueness to help the film be its best. Luhrmann is a unique and extraordinary director that shows amazing talent when it comes to creating a film.Music, the basis of every movie, is one of the most important parts of a film. Music existed before dialogue did. Luhrmann seemed to work well with it and knew what went with what. He took 90s hip hop and made it fit well with an old play. If you were to fall asleep in this film you would sure awaken from the loud and up beat music throughout the film. Luhrmann used various artists from Prince to The Cardigans. Much music throughout the film helped it liven up the movie especially at low parts in the film. When the party scene came, we thought it was going to be some elegant ball with women in dresses and nothing but rich stuck up people, but Luhrmann changed it on us. Making it into a huge party bash where everyone was dressed wild, from transsexuals to men in practically nothing. Shakespeare, I am sure, was not thinking of that when he wrote the amazing scene. Yet Luhrmann did and he made that scene extraordinary. The music brought the party to more life, especially when Mercutio sang. These changes help the audience become more attracted and interested into the movie.Baz Luhrmann seems to like to be very colorful in his movies. He uses lots of color and it help to make a scene look hot and radiant. The scene where Romeo and his friends go to the party, the house is full of people if different costumes and different colors everywhere. After watching that scene, it can look very similar to the dance scene at the Moulin Rouge in Moulin Rouge. Color seems to be a very strong link in Luhrmann's movies. Juliet seems to be portrayed as this angel throughout the movie. She had angels all over her room. She always seemed to wear white, from her white robe to her white wedding dress. White represents purity and innocence. Perhaps Juliet was the innocent victim in this movie. Romeo on the other hand always seems to be wet throughout the movie. When they first meet he was washing his face so he was wet, to when he kills Tybalt in the rain. Wetness could...

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