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Romeo And Werther: Crazy In Love

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Shakespeare’s play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is an Elizabethan tragedy Goethe’s book The Sorrows of Young Werther is an important novel of the Sturm und Drang movement which is promoting the Romantic’s philosophy in Germany. The play and the novel, both feature a male protagonist. The resemblance does not stop there. Exploring their similar characteristic one can say they both fall in love at first sight, they both idealized their beloved one, isolated themselves from their families and damn their souls.
First deep remark one can make about what Werther and Romeo has in common is their relationship with the subject of their insatiable love has multiple point in common. Werther fall in love with Lotter the second he saw her so as Romeo who fall in love with Juliet at the first sight. They both do not know anything at all about the women at the moment they acknowledge to themselves, they are in love with Lotte or Juliet. Romeo kisses Juliet before he even questions her identity. He affirms the first time he ever sees her that Juliet is holy and his lips are like the hands of a pilgrim. The imagery is really strong to describe this love born a few second ago. Just like Werther, at the same instant he described Lotte as an angel did not really know anything about her. The image of her is enough to convince him she is a saint and she posses all the quality an angel possesses. "An angel! -ROT! - Every man says that about his beloved, does he not? And yet I am unable to tell you how, and why, she is perfection itself; suffice to say that she has captivated me utterly. "( Goethe 36). Werther is later convinced Lotte is perfectly designed for him because they have some point in common. Werther is so happy to find out she reads the Vicar of Wakefield, “I could no longer contain myself”( Goethe 39), and again this feeling strikes him again when she mentions Klopstpck, the last name of a German poet. His poems are particularly valued by the Romantics. They hold a peculiar relationship with Nature and love without contempt. This bit presents a confirmation to Werther concerning Lotte’s love. He believes more than before, they are made for each other, “ I was lost in the sensations that flooded me on hearing the name. It was more than I could bear; I bowed over her hand and kissed it, shedding tears of the greatest joy,… ”( Goethe 43). On the his side Shakespeare also gives the readers the confirmation Romeo and Juliet are made for each other at the moment they speak to one and another. Their first conversation is a sonnet. They are in harmony, thus they are soul mates. Some other common point between Werther and Romeo is their perception of their dear one. They both exaggerate the women’s perfection. Werther barely knows her when he writes to his friend Wilhelm how she is perfect by her manners, her figure and her tone. She shows herself so well, she bears a radiant heart, she dances easily and graciously and the tilt of her qualities does not end because in...

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