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Romeo Does Not Love Juliet Essay

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Romeo Does not Love Juliet

Romeo and Juliet are first perceived as two star-crossed lovers. The
idea in which my essay will be exploring is the fact the fact that is
the love of these two pure or just based on physical attraction.

When we first meet Romeo he appears to be in love with Rosaline. At
this point, he cannot even force himself to go the ball. He says that
she does not compare to any other woman. This is stated in the line,
'Show me a mistress that is passing fair.' He says that all women are
beautiful, but nothing compared to Rosaline. This suggests the Romeo
adores Rosaline and there is no way he can love anyone else. Also, the
use of repetition of "beauty" conveys that Romeo may even be obsessed
with Rosalines physical appearance and not in love. The rhetorical
question, 'Where I may read who'd he passing fair?' further suggests
annoyance that Benvolio is questioning his love. Additionally Montague
is not happy with Romeo's behaviour, as he is locking himself in his
room and constantly weeping. He is infatuated in my view, which
suggests abnormal behaviour. This is stated in the line, 'Shut up his
windows, locks far daylight out.' This shows that Romeo is shutting
out daylight and that his feelings must be so strong for Rosaline that
he is isolating himself in darkness, which has connotations of
despair. Montague is afraid that Romeo won't come out from his room
and this is evident in the line, 'Black and portentous must this
humour prove.' Montague feels something is going to happen to Romeo
and 'Black' suggests evil and that this may be evil for Romeo if he
does not overcome his obsession. Romeo's behaviour in love is
therefore immature obsessive, extreme and infinitive. Rome is depicted
as he is in full adoration of Rosaline as suggested by the phrase
'Maintains such falsehood, then turn tears to fires.' The fact that he
used religious language implies absolute adoration and that he sees
Rosaline as a demi-god. This is also a painful image, which shows that
he wants to be tortured and suffer monumental pain in order to express
the love he has for Rosaline, which is equally extreme. Romeo goes
through an almost ridiculous of idolisation. This eventually leads to
the audience to question his love for Juliet as which could also be
seen as fake and impure. In fact when Romeo informs Friar Lawerence of
his sudden change in heart, he too questions his love for Juliet by
saying, 'So soon foresaken?' Friar Lawerence is questioning that how
can such a young boy have such strong feelings. When he only sees
love, through his eyes and not through his heart and having moments
earlier declared passionate love for another woman. Romeo and Juliet's
love may now also be questionable the audience may see it as only
based on physical attraction because of Friar Lawerence's suggestions...

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