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Career development of adolescents need to gain adaptive advantages in the current and future labor markets, young people need to acquire an integrated set of vocational development skills, which leads to valuable vocational outcomes and proactive approaches. O’Brien, Dukstein, Jackson, Tomlinson and Kamatuka add that existing literature shows that career development interventions among this group are indeed effective (1999). According to Super (1990) adolescents should be spent focusing on maximizing career explorations rather than preparation for a specific occupation and he stresses that though exploration, experience, and evaluated trial will develop career maturity and planfulness for the future.

Case assessment
Ron is a 13-year old boy who is failing three courses. Ron had assured his parents that he was doing well, despite the fact that they never observed him doing any homework. When they approached Ron to talk about the failure notice, Ron protested that the teachers were being “unfair.” He insisted that he was doing his work, and that he did not deserve the failure notice. He also assured his parents that his grades had improved, and that his most recent test grades in all three courses were A’s. Ron’s parents were not convinced. They phoned the teachers and heard a different story. Not only was Ron getting failing grades on tests and quizzes, but he was not participating in class and not turning in assignments. At the last parent teacher conference which was 3 months ago the teacher told the parents that she noticed his behavior was different, he was not paying attention in class, and that he would be goofing around during class time.

Ethical/Legal Issues
Some guidelines that I will follow are listing below as provided by Koocher and Keith-Spiegel (1990):
o Consider the needs of both child clients and their families when planning psychotherapeutic interventions. Involve all the relevant parties in setting constructive goals which respectfully consider the child's needs and wishes
o When considering hospitalization or other treatments which would require due process or formal consent procedures by adults, give preference to the least restrictive ones consistent with the needs and best interests of the child
o Be aware of the value systems of your clients and the fact that parental values may differ from those of their children. Seek to foster mutual understanding, while respecting the personal values of the client
o Special dual-role relationship problems can occur with child clients and their families. Remain sensitive to these possibilities and seek to avoid them as much as is reasonably possible
o Child clients may elicit unique counter-transference reactions from psychotherapists. Strive to maintain an awareness of unique personal boundary issues when working with children and their families.
The authors also suggest that adolescents might benefit from knowing counselors are confident about their abilities, proud of...

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