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Ronald Reagan
President Ronald Reagan is the$ cornerstone$ of the$ modern conservative$ movement. It is virtually impossible$ for any republican politician worth their salt to say they aren't inspired by the$ 40th president. However Reagan was not the$ perfect president. Although he$ did lower taxes and had the$ third highest approval rating for any president within the$ last 50 years, he$ also crashed the$ economy with his tax cuts and not to mention the$ attempt on his life$ that could have$ ended more$ than just his presidency. In this paper I will discuss Ronald Reagan and who he$ was before$ he$ became$ leader of the$ free$ world, his run for president, the$ attempt on his life, and ...view middle of the document...

Later when interviewed by a newspaper journalist Jane$ Wyman said “I don't agree$ with him politically. I've$ always been a registered Republican. But it's bad taste$ to talk about ex-husbands and ex-wives, that's all. Also, I don't know a damn thing about politics.”(Wikipedia) During World War II, Reagan was disqualified from combat duty due$ to poor eyesight. Thankfully, due$ to his previous acting experience, he$ was able$ to spend his time$ in the$ Army making training films. He$ retired from the$ military ranked as a captain. From 1947 to 1952, Reagan served as president of the$ Screen Actors Guild. During this time, he$ met actress Nancy Davis, who had asked for his help after she$ was listed as a possible$ communist during the$ red scare. Eventually, he$ realized that Nancy was the$ one, and they were$ married in 1952. The$ pair had two children, Patricia and Ronald. In 1954 as Reagan's film career began to slow, he$ landed a job as the$ host of a weekly television drama series The$ General Electric Theater. Part of his responsibility as host was to tour the$ United States as a representative$ for General Electric. It was during this time$ that his political views shifted from liberal to conservative; he$ led discussions, speaking out against excessive$ government regulation and wasteful spending both of which were$ central themes of his future$ political career.
Reagan’s run for President.
Reagan jumped into the$ political spotlight in 1964, when he$ gave$ a televised speech for Republican presidential candidate$ Barry Goldwater. Two years later, in his first race$ for public office, Reagan defeated Democrat Edmund Brown Sr. by almost 1 million votes, winning the$ California governorship. After unsuccessfully bidding for the$ Republican presidential nomination in 1968 and 1976, Reagan finally received his party's nod in 1980. In that year's general election, he$ defeated Democrat President Jimmy Carter, winning the$ Electoral College$ by a landslide$ and capturing almost 51 percent of the$ popular vote. At age$ 69, Reagan was the$ oldest person elected to the$ U.S. presidency.
Reagan's domestic policy
Reagan's goal domestically was to advance$ policies that reduce$ social programs and restrictions on business. Tax cuts were$ implemented to help stimulate$ the$ economy. He$ also advocated for reductions in certain social programs, increases in military spending, and measures to deregulate$ business. By 1983, the$ nation's economy seemed to be$ on the$ rise$ and, according to many economists, entered a period of prosperity. However Critics exclaimed that his policies had actually increased the$ national deficit and hurt the$ middle$ class and poor.
Reagan’s foreign policy
The$ most pressing foreign policy issue$ of Ronald Reagan's first term was the$ Cold War. Reagan created a massive$ stockpile$ of U.S. weapons and troops after dubbing the$ Soviet Union as "the$ evil empire.” He$ also created the$ "Reagan Doctrine," which aided...

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