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Ronald Reagan: A True American Hero

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Reagan: A True American Hero”

     “We will continue our quest in space. There will be more flights and more
space shuttle crews. And, yes, more volunteers.”
                              -Ronald Reagan

     Ronald Reagan, viewed by some as a true American hero, was as stupendous
as presidents can be. His dramatic speeches and down-to-earth personality made
people proud to be American. Ronald Reagan seemed more then American. He was
a patriot. Ronald Reagan cared deeply for the American people as well at their
values. Our nation now felt, with Reagan’s assistance, united. After a nation torn
apart by the specter or war, Ronald brought the people together again. However,
disaster can unite or divide a country. At a difficult time, when the Challenger
exploded, Ronald Reagan inspired his nation to realize that we are modern day
explorers, and disaster may be the price that must by paid.
     Certain elements in Ronald’s life prepared him to be an effective ruler at a
critical time. Reagan did not start out as a man of politics. In fact, he made his
debut as an actor. Although he never made it to Hollywood, he would often appear
in grade “B” romance films (Fox V. 73-80.) In his early years of politics, 1964 to be
exact, Ronald supported and rallied for Barry Goldwater, a republican presidential
candidate. It was a strange twist of irony, because at the time, Reagan was an ultra
liberal. This may have come from the preposterous fact that Reagan knew very little
about politics. It was said that Barry Goldwater drew Reagan to the more
conservative side of politics. When Reagan finally began to get enthralled with
politics, he ran for governor of California. He got elected in 1966 (Fox V 90-103.)
Since Reagan was very liberal in a turbulent time, he used superflous police force in
events which he deemed “riots.” Because of this, he was an outcast by the minority
community. Since Ronald Reagan was very liberal, he had an open mind to
influences. In his early acting years, he was a member of the Screen Actors Guild,
where he learned small-scale government procedures (Fox V. 73-80.) Reagan was
also a supporter of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who helped Reagen to be more
conservative. Nancy, Reagan’s wife, also heavily influenced Reagan, especially on
anti-drug matter. Another huge impact on Reagan was Nixon. First, Reagan helped
him to get into presidency. Then, when Nixon’s term was over, Reagan ran against
him (Brown 47.) When Ronald got into office, he set a number of primary goals for
his campaign. One of his biggest goals was to put a stop to terrorism. When a bomb
exploded in a U.S. soldiers’ barracks in Lebanon, 1983, Reagan became enraged. He
was bent on stopping the suspected culprit, Muammal al-Quddadafi, a Lybian

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