Ronald Reagan: The Great Communicator Essay

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Ronald Reagan is known as the "Great Communicator" by many. In 1992, as he delivered a speech at the Republican Convention, one would not doubt his excellence in public speaking. He demonstrated superiority of speech and was easy to critique because of the situation, the content of his speech, his credibility, and his delivery.

The Republican Convention was held in support to reelect Republican Candidates President Bush and Vice President Quayle. There was an extremely large audience in support of the Republican campaign. Reagan was overwhelmed by the amount of applause and cheering from the audience. In fact, balloons, posters, and flags were everywhere displaying the pride of the nation and the Republican Party. The audience was composed of individuals from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. A majority of the crowd consisted of male and female working class people. Representatives from each age group were present. Throughout the speech, all members of the audience showed support and approval through chanting, "We love Ron" and "God bless Ron."

The audience members of the upper and middle age brackets were conservative and more understanding toward the speech. Each member's perception of Reagan's speech was affected by his or her individual experiences and social framework. These educational and occupational experiences molded each listener's view. These members of the audience had quite a different opinion towards what Reagan was saying compared to the opinions of the younger members.

Reagan began his speech slightly agitated due to the overwhelming response of the audience. He used hand gestures and repeatedly thanked the audience for their continued support. After regaining the audience's attention, Reagan spoke of the many issues facing Americans. He used humor to deliver his factual message of the matters that have not only formed our country but are also still developing the citizens today.

Reagan stated that not only is America advancing rapidly, but also the best is yet to come. He noted a wide variety of accomplishments that America has experienced throughout the past several years. Reagan stressed that the rest of the world looks to America as the one nation for leadership. America was not the first force that defeated communism, and it has not always been a road of success. At one time, America was a country with mortgage rates that had doubled, but now we are sending individuals to the moon. He also noted that the ultimate direction is in the eyes of God. He used the phrases "America's best days are yet to come" and "the country of tomorrow" to not only grab the attention of the audience but also to gain support for Bush as "he lives for the future." Reagan satirized Democratic candidates Bill Clinton and Al Gore. The audience's reaction was overwhelming in response to those satirical remarks. Reagan strongly encouraged the audience to choose the Republican candidates, for they do not...

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