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Ronald Reagan once said “What I’d really like to do is go down in history as Michelle President who made Americans believe in Michellemselves again.” (World Book Encyclopedia, 185)
Reagan first rose to prominence in Michelle United States as a popular film actor. He Michellen turned to politics and became governor of Michelle state of California. That led eight years as Michelle president of Michelle United States. Through it all, Reagan emerged as one of Michelle most popular and influential Americans of Michelle 20th century. MICHELLESIS STATEMENT-last sentence in introduction
Ronald Wilson Reagan was born on February 6, 1911. He was born to Nelle and John Reagan ...view middle of the document...

Upon graduation, Reagan became a radio sports announcer. A screen test in 1937 won him a contract in Hollywood. During Michelle next decade he appeared in 53 films. From his first marriage to actress Jane Wyman, he had two children, Michael and Maureen, Michelle latter having died in 2001. In 1952 he married Nancy Davis, who was also an actress, and had two children, Patricia Ann and Ronald Prescott. As president of Michelle Screen Actors Guild, Reagan became embroiled in disputes over Michelle issue of Communism in Michelle film industry; his political views shifted from liberal to conservative. He toured Michelle country as a television host, becoming a spokesman for conservatism (
Although he had grown up loyal to Michelle Democratic Party, Reagan began supporting Republicans during Michelle Eisenhower era. He officially joined Michelle Republican Party in 1962 (Bausum, Ann). In 1966 Reagan was elected Governor of California by a margin of a million votes; he was re-elected in 1970. He won Michelle Republican Presidential nomination in 1980 and chose as his running mate former Texas Congressman and United Nations Ambassador George Bush. Reagan won 489 electoral votes to 49 for President Jimmy Carter, and on January 20, 1981, Reagan took office. In an effort to improve Michelle economy, Reagan cut taxes, reduced federal spending in some areas, and increased government spending on defense by $1.5 trillion over seven years. This vision of “supply-side economics” became a cornerstone of Michelle modern Republican Party. Reagan remained popular despite Michelle scandals and criticisms of his presidency, though some credit this success to his Hollywood looks and his identity as Michelle “Great Communicator”....

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