Roof Cleaning: Understanding The Process Behind It

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Cleaning your roof can bring you tons of benefits. Aside from restoring your roof’s magnificence and making your house look more beautiful it can also help you save on cooling costs and on the possible cost for repairs due to roof damage. As elements such as lichen, moss and algae contribute to roof damage and affect the effectiveness of a roof’s reflection to sunlight, homeowners need to rid their valuable roofing of all these.
At Above the Rest Roof Restoration we offer cleaning services to make roofs look like new. But some may ask what really is involved in professional roof cleaning? Isn’t regular sweeping sufficient to keep roofs clean?
The Different Methods
There are different methods to cleaning a roof. These are pressure washing and chemical washing. The method of cleaning to use would usually depend on the type of roof the house has. Pressure washing for example is effective for metal or tiled roofs while chemical is good for almost any type of roof. Many experts believe that for homeowners to get the best results it is good to use both pressure and chemical washing. This is to make sure all of the elements on the roof are taken care of and you are given an absolutely spotless roof.
The Process
Before starting on any of the methods for roof cleaning, it is important to rid the roof of any loose dirt or large debris. The latter is particularly important to avoid any clog ups on the house’s gutters while washing. A soft bristled broom is good to use for this. It is also important to cover the plants found directly below the roof especially if chemical washing will be used to protect them. Also inform the immediate neighbours about the scheduled cleaning so they can also prepare for it.
In the actual roof cleaning, these steps are followed:
• Pressure washing – The peak of the roof is where it all starts and the cleaning is done from top to...

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