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3a)•Weather resistanceRoofs should maintain weather protection to the building to prevent water from entering the building. Roof materials such as clay tiles must overlap each other to prevent rain penetrating between the joints.•StrengthThe strength of roofs depends on adequate support from walls, beams and thickness of timber joists. This requirement must comply with BR’s Approved Document A where the roof should not suffer deflection and should carry its own load and any other loads such as wind and snow.•Fire safetyThe fire safety must comply with BR’s AD B where the roof coverings should resist internal and external fire spread.•Thermal InsulationRoofs need to be insulated and comply with BR’s Approved Document L, to control heat loss from the building internally.•DurabilityThe durability of the roof depends on the ability of the roof covering to prohibit weather and temperature fluctuation and must withstand these weather conditions.Cold roofThis is when the insulation is fitted above the ceiling between the joists whereby the air temperature will be the same temperature as outside the building and the void above the insulation (usually 50mm gap) must therefore be ventilated to prevent condensation in the cold air space. Firring pieces would be useful at right angles to the joists to allow the ventilation to reach most of the enclosed roof space. A vapour control layer should be placed on the warm side of the insulation to resist condensation.Warm roofFor flat roofs this type can be separated into the following two:-Sandwich roofs-Inverted roofsFor both types the insulation is fitted above the deck whereby the temperature of the structure and deck are kept close to the temperature inside the building to prevent changes in outside air temperature and from extremes of heat and cold. Warm roofs do not require a ventilated void, hence why it it’s called a ‘’warm roof’’.For...

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2076 words - 8 pages Daniel Brantley English III H Hughes March 28, 2014 Types of Roofing Many different materials and tools are used daily to construct many different kinds of roofs for houses which provides necessary protection and security for homeowners. Metal roofs in the present day are not like they were in the past. “Thinking back to the old barn roofs of years past that used tin, strike that vision because today’s metal roofs are light years ahead of

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546 words - 3 pages It is perhaps the most important part of the house but often the one given the least attention. While may homeowners hire an platoon of experts from architects and contractors to interior designers and even spiritual gurus is trying to build their ‘dream houses’, very little consideration is given to roofs perhaps because it is the least noticed part of any edifice. However, choosing the most appropriate type of roof for your home requires

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1209 words - 5 pages urban houses that have been making approaches to avoid global warming and other problems. For example: it is cheaper to use green roofs on rural buildings than to use that other stuff for just one little building however they are nearly compatible. One of the main benefits is that green roofs serve for heating and cooling their building. The Department Of Environment claimed that “Chicago estimates that it’s City Hall’s green roof project could

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669 words - 3 pages Rest Roof Restoration we offer cleaning services to make roofs look like new. But some may ask what really is involved in professional roof cleaning? Isn’t regular sweeping sufficient to keep roofs clean? The Different Methods There are different methods to cleaning a roof. These are pressure washing and chemical washing. The method of cleaning to use would usually depend on the type of roof the house has. Pressure washing for example is effective

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622 words - 3 pages the tiles and is the most important factor that keeps the house weather-proof. • Roof Repair – This includes repair or replacement of broken tiles or shingles, securing flashings, fixing leaks, and repair or replacement of valleys and gutters. • Roof Cleaning – High-pressure cleaning is needed to remove dirt, moss and lichen from the roof. Sometimes chemicals need to be applied to remove algae. • Roof Painting – Painting will be done on roofs


573 words - 2 pages and steel framed structures, loads are carried on a framework of steel or timber whereby the walls don't usually carry any loads but only support weatherproofing infill walls.•Both have triangulated bracing between the roof trusses to add stiffness and stability.•They both have large columnsThese structures differ from modern timber framed structures for the following reasons:1. The loads on e.g. the internal walls, floors and roofs and

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620 words - 3 pages , some were missing their roofs, and other homes were completely gone. Those who survived the storm were left to climb onto their roofs and wait to be rescued because floodwaters reached their gutters; others were entombed in their flooded homes while some had no home left. When faced with utter devastation, first responders are called on to run into the chaos. They are exposed physically and mentally to horrific sights and substances that would be

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1323 words - 5 pages Common Ancient Egyptian HomesThe homes of the people of Egypt reflected their social status, as they do today. Most Egyptians were commoners, living in small, square shaped houses with few windows and flat roofs. In villages as families grew, and villages grew, there was no way to expand their living space, for the towns were enclosed with walls and all space was occupied or used within the town. There were also houses in the country, by the


998 words - 4 pages , shallow rooted trees pushed over, signboards damaged some windows broken.F1Wind: 73-112mphModerate Damage: Surface of roofs peeled off, mobile homes pushed off foundations or overturned out buildings demolished moving autos pushed off the roads, trees snapped or broken beginning of hurricane speed winds.F2Wind: 113-157mphConsiderable Damage: Roofs torn off frame houses, mobile homes demolished, frame houses with weak foundations lifted and moved


1005 words - 5 pages to none, what can we do? In Tokuyo the population is so large that the have cemeteries on the roofs of people homes. The schools are getting very crowded, I know from own experience in my school, the hall ways are hard to get throw. If millions of people are starving now what are we going to do 100years from now? Today there are billions of people in the world running low on supplies and do you want to know why, OVERPOPULATION. You can imagine

detailed design

1676 words - 7 pages harvested of the roofs was calculated using Equation 88 which is dependent on the roof area, A, runoff coefficient, Cr, and precipitation, p (Worm, et al, 2006). The stormwater runoff volumes were computed for the total roof surface area, the main building and the roof surface of the six bungalows. Q=AC_r p Equation 8 Thatched roofs can make good catchments systems; however, thatched roofs are not suitable for high-quality rainwater

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1934 words - 8 pages A green roof is a layered system, partially or completely covering the roof area and with the vegetation being planted directly in the soil media (Stewart, 2013). It is important to have a good understanding about the type of vegetated roofs and their maintenance as a facility manager. This combination of natural and man-made facility is expanding at a dynamic pace and proves to be beneficial in providing sustainability. All the basic

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2038 words - 8 pages The definition of a green roof according to Nian She from the Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, "is a multilayered vegetated roof covering consisting of a root barrier, a waterproof membrane, an under drainage system, and a layer of growing medium covered by plants" (Theodosiou 2009). Green roofs also known as living roofs have been around for centuries. They were used for insulation back when the world only used natural materials for building

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990 words - 4 pages ” What’s para. 3). Roofers could lift up to 20-50 pounds (“Roofer” What’s para. 3). While working they may be in uncomfortable positions through that job (“Roofer” What’s para. 3). Roofers need to have balance when on steep slopes or any other types of roofs (“Roofers” U.S. para. 29). They will look over the roofs to see what repairs they will need (“Roofer” What’s para. 2). Roofers will bend, seal, insulate, or soundproof different parts of the roofs