What Is A Sex Addiction? Essay

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Sex is a beautiful thing that happens between two people, but sometimes sex can become addictive, and like with any other addiction, it can ruin lives. Patricia is in her mid-thirties, and to those who know her, she is a soccer mom with a successful career. But after her marriage ended due to her husband’s affair, Patricia became insecure, and started exploring dating sites on the internet – soon, Patricia was going on dates, sex dates - and in an interview with the Philadelphia Weekly, she admits that she is addicted to sex, and there is a problem. The American Psychiatric Association and Diagnostic (APAD) and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR) don’t recognize the abuse of sex as an addiction. Although not recognize as an addiction, the abuse of sex has the same qualities as drug addiction and should be recognized as a medical condition.
The APA has been unable to confirm whether sex addiction is an actual addiction or a compulsive disorder. It’s so undefined that some people think it’s a myth and is the product of cultural influences. Social media has to do with this; for one if a celebrity is caught having an affair a story is made in which he/she is automatically diagnosed as a sex addict. Also social media is to blame that sex addiction is not recognized by the APA or DSM-IV-TR. The reason for this is because they always “diagnose” celebrities just because they were caught having an affair. One example of this was Tiger Woods, when he was caught having an affair the media immediately rushed to cover the story and instantly said he was a sex addict. The reason why sex addiction is not taken seriously is the media summaries the person having an affair as a sex addict. A sex addict is just like a drug addict, they will go to extremes in order to obtain what they want, even if it harms those close to them.
Just like an alcoholic needs his tall can every day because they have developed a co-dependency, a sex addict needs a partner because they are so co-dependent on someone. Like Patricia, she was so co-dependent on her husband that she just couldn’t be alone. She needed someone to make her feel good about herself and feel secure. That is when she began looking into online dating sites; soon she was hooked on the attention she was receiving. Right after Patricia wasn’t just dating, she was having sex with all her dates on the first date. She was also getting co-dependent on the attention she was getting and the sex she was having every day with different people it made her feel dominant and in power. Sex addicts like to feel like they’re the ones in control because maybe in the past they never had it they did what they were told. Another feeling they like because it’s like a high, and they want more.
Sex addiction is undefined, but it causes harm to the person who is addicted to the high of having sex. It causes harm to the person because of the urge the person gets to have intercourse may cause them to make a poor decision....

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