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A film based on Emma Donoghue’s novel depicts the story of a mother and son who have been held captive for years in a sparsely furnished and cramped suburban garden shed. The film demonstrates how the powerful nature of discovery, can lead to self-transformation. Ma and her Son, Jack exist merely in the in the space that Ma has euphemistically named ‘Room’. Because it is all he has ever known, Jack believes that only Room and the things it contains (including himself and Ma) are “real.” Ma, unwilling to disappoint Jack creates a false sense of reality to mask the life she cannot give him. Ma manipulates Jack to believe that the rest of the world exists only on television. Abrahamson’s use of cinematic techniques creates elements of nostalgia for viewers, the secondary lens captivates audiences to identify with the immense curiosity Jack feels whilst being trapped in the room. As Jack's curiosity about their situation grows, and Ma's resilience reaches its breaking point, they enact a risky plan to escape, ultimately bringing them face-to-face with what may turn out to be the scariest discovery yet: the real world. The aftermath of the escape drastically transforms the perspectives of both characters, Ma has trouble keeping her psychological bearings as she struggles to re-adapt to her past life in contrast to Jack who readily embraces the rush of this expanded universe. The irony in the difference between Ma and Jack are evident as Jack’s experiences widen he becomes more enthralled In the world, Ma regresses into the role of a needy and even petulant child. The film demonstrates the transformative power of self-discovery through the personal transformations Ma and Jack make.

Insights on Discovery including technical construction:
Discovering new worlds allows us to explore the paradox of the unknown, ultimately dividing the solace of the the ‘world within’ and ‘worlds beyond’ , we can study the divide between reality and fantasy. Initiating new confrontations may compel individual’s to explore their subconscious thoughts and curiosity by developing an increased awareness of themselves and their future horizons, in context to places they have ventured in the past. New worlds offer a glimpse away from the ordinary, allowing for the development of personal reflection. In the beginning of the film Abrahamson captures the essence of rooms deplorable state. Dramatic irony is used to contrast the preconceived ideas of audiences with Jack’s definitive perception of room. This is explored through a simple secondary lense scape which offers a unique glimpse in Jack’s perception of his ‘home’, this technique makes room appear innocuous, effectively mirroring the perspective of a child, Justified by Jack’s virtuous description and appreciation for and the contents displaced within room. ‘I love rooms basin, the table, my little flower and my little clock,even my slipper and my hat and sock and the dent in the wall from when I knocked the...

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