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Roosevelt Island Essay

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Bordering Williamsburg and Bed-Stuy, Bushwick is quickly climbing up the ladder to become one of Brooklyn’s new trendy neighborhoods. In it’s early days, Bushwick boasted enough breweries to be called “the beer capital of the Northeast.” Today, the warehouses and factories from the Industrial Revolution have been converted into fashionable lofts and apartments, with a steady influx of young professionals moving into the neighborhood. With the J and L subway lines providing quick and easy commutes into Manhattan, Bushwick will undoubtedly continue to be a highly sought-after area in the years to come.

The Vibe: The neighborhood of Bushwick has a strong Latin flair, with close to 70% of its population consisting of Spanish-speaking residents with origins from regions such as Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. There is a strong sense of family and community in this neighborhood, although the area bordering Williamsburg tends to be comprised more of single professionals, artists, and hipsters.

Bragging Rights: Bushwick offers an abundance of green, with over 91% of the neighborhood’s housing units being within 0.25 miles of a park.

Architecture: Bushwick boasts charming brownstones, Brooklyn-esque brick and limestone townhouses, and trendy warehouse lofts along it’s tree-lined streets.

By Day: There is a little something for everybody to explore and enjoy in Bushwick. Children can soak up the sun in the family friendly Maria Hernandez Park, while the centrally located Knickerbocker Avenue offers many independently owned family restaurants where one can enjoy authentic Caribbean dishes such as Arroz con Pollo, Pasteles de yuca, and Mofongo.

By Night: Bushwick has long been known for its flourishing arts scene, and boasts some of the most highly acclaimed galleries and creative spaces in NYC. The Silent Barn, Tandem, and Goodbye Blue Monday are just a few of the dozens of eclectic live houses open well past midnight.

Best Kept Secret: World-famous comedian and actor Eddie Murphy is a Bushwick native.

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Roosevelt Island
A tiny island cozily snuggled in the East River between Queens and Manhattan, Roosevelt Island is only 2 miles long, with a maximum width of 800 feet. Originally known as Blackwell Island, the New York Lunatic Asylum, a Smallpox Hospital,...

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