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Roosevelt Vs. Wilson Essay

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Roosevelt vs. Wilson

Two great men, two great presidents, led our nations to excellency and great success. Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson were hard working, intelligent men who were very familiar, but were also different in many aspects. Through their dedication to our country and their passion of politics they have made our country better.
There were many similarities between Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. The special relationship with their fathers was a quality that the two men shared. Their dads were huge influences in their lives, they got a whole lot of their inspiration from their fathers. T.R.'s dad passed early in his life, and even though he might not have been there physically, he was still with him. These two men had a special bond with their fathers, which a lot of people never acquire throughout their whole lives. Being so close with a father has helped both of these men succeed at their positions in life.
Something else they shared was that they both unfortunately suffered the deaths of their first wife's. Teddy Roosevelt's wife, Alice, died on the same day as his mother did. Woodrow's wife, Ellen, also passed early on. Both men felt turmoil and despair in these passings, and both were actually depressed for sometime about these deaths. Although both men were affected very traumatically over their wives' passings, they both eventually remarried and found that life's filled with happiness.
A third similarity between these two fine presidents would be their terrific speaking ability. Both men were absolutely terrific orators. They were passionate about the issues and got involved in all affairs. They were speakers who could motivate a crowd, everybody listened when Teddy or Woodrow spoke. Some presidents are the type to not really care all that much. And just have people write out speeches for them, but T.R. and Woodrow really cared about what they were saying. Both men had a special quality about them...

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